Daily News Digest November 1, 2016

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Daily News Digest November 1, 2016

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BP is on the verge of working out a settlement that will consist of environmental damage penalties they can write off as a “loss” on their taxes, as opposed to fines, which they cannot. Basically, BP is making us pay for the spill so they can keep their billions.imageoftheday Quotes of the Day:

Learning from history and the recent events in the world, United States capitalism knows that a working class upsurge will result from its austerity programs.  Therefore the capitalist class is applying the Precautionary Principle, in order to be prepared to apply the iron heal to quash any upsurge. As their spokesman, Obama, is and has been slowly but surely setting up the police state iron heal. As Obama moves toward disarming the people and the working class, he is organizing an extra-legal domestic police force as capitalism, with Obama their spokesman, establishes a gradual slide into a police state — That would be the Envy of Hitler! — Roland Sheppard, Obama’s Coup D’état

Obama’s planned use of the military against American citizens has now gained substantial acknowledgment in the mainstream media by a report in The Washington Times earlier this year entitled: “Inside the Ring: Directive outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens” 2010 Pentagon Directive No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” gives Obama authority to violate the Posse Comitatus Act – using our own troops against us on American soil. “This appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens,” said one defense official opposed to the directive. — Washington Times: Obama’s Planned Use Of Military Against American Citizens

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Transitioning to Clean Energy Would Create More Jobs than Fossil Fuels Heidi Garrett-Peltier of the Political Economic Research Institute explains how the Solyndra controversy overshadows the enormous success of government investment in clean energy


Massive North Dakota Oil Leak Proves Native American Protesters Right For Fighting ILLEGAL DAPL Pipeline Are you still wondering why So many people support the #NoDAPL protectors? This spill is part of the reason. Imagine, if you will, tens of thousands of gallons of oil pouring into the river that provides the drinking water for over 10 million people. Would you want to drink it? or swim in it? or eat anything from it? by Jeremiah Jonesdakotaoilleak

The Iraq War Mercenaries Comes Home to Roost in North Dakota: Security Firm Running Dakota Access Pipeline Intelligence Has Ties to U.S. Military Work in Iraq and Afghanistan TigerSwan is one of several security firms under investigation for its work guarding the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota while potentially without a permit. Besides this recent work on the Standing Rock Sioux protests in North Dakota, this company has offices in Iraq and Afghanistan and is run by a special forces Army veteran. According to a summary of the investigation, TigerSwan “is in charge of Dakota Access intelligence and supervises the overall security.” By Steve HornstevehornThe Navy’s Use of Depleted Uranium in Our Coastal Waters Threatens Humans, Wildlife The US Navy told Truthout that the depleted uranium (DU) in its munitions is “extremely stable in sea water and pose[s] no greater threat than any other metal.” But internationally acclaimed toxicologist Mozhgan Savabieasfahani says there are reams of scientific evidence that prove otherwise. By Dahr Jamailnavydu Environment:

West Antarctica Begins to Destabilize With ‘Intense Unbalanced Melting’ Warmer ocean water is attacking ice at its base, adding dangerously to sea-level rise. By Eric Roston  westantarticaFilmmaker Facing 30 Years for Documenting Climate Action Stands Resolute, Determined ‘Freedom of the press is guaranteed’ Lindsey Grayzel, along with cinematographer Carl Davis, was arrested and jailed on October 11 in Burlington, Washington after filming environmentalist Ken Ward, the subject of her current documentary. Ward, who was also arrested, was taking part in a #ShutItDown action to protest fossil fuels and express solidarity with those resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline. by Andrea Germanos, staff writerfilmake “Another Way We’re Letting Them Down”: Report Shows Deadly Toll of Air Pollution on Children Air pollution is a major contributing factor in the deaths of around 600,000 children under age five every year, UNICEF finds by Deirdre Fultonairpollution Ongoing Big Energy Crisis:

Fukushima Cover Up It is literally impossible for the world community to get a clear understanding of, and truth about, the Fukushima nuclear disaster. This statement is based upon The Feature article in Columbia Journalism Review (“CJR”) d/d October 25, 2016 entitled: Sinking a Bold Foray Into Watchdog Journalism in Japan by Martin Fackler. by Robert Hunzikerfukushima The Motherfrackers!: Oil Industry Wastewater Injection Has Overpressurized Aquifers For Decades, Threatening California Drinking Water A new report from the Washington, D.C-based Environmental Action Center (EAC) on California’s underground injection program finds that oil industry wells in the state have been overpressurizing some aquifers for decades, risking the contamination of neighboring aquifers that might contain drinkable water. Despite full awareness of the problem, state regulators have done little to stop them. By Mike GaworeckicafrackingBlack Liberation/ Civil Rights:

The uprisings of the Black Community in Baltimore, Ferguson, and the rest of the country are a direst result of the history of Police terrorism along with extra legal terrorism (lynchings) in this country — The Historic Role of Police Brutality in the Black Community and African American Oppression, in the United States. The recent increase of this police terrorism is a direct result of the current worldwide crisis of capitalism. Both the 1% political parties, understand that there is no ‘New Deal’ way out of this capitalist crisis. That the ruling class must apply the Iron Heel throughout the world to create a ‘New World Order’. The Iron Heel is now coming home to roost in the Black Community, in preparation for it’s application to 99% of the citizens of the United States. For, in order for capitalism to maintain control, it must attack the rights of the entire 99% in order to carry through the 1%’s political program for ‘austerity’. Thus, the bells that are now tolling in the Black Community are really also tolling for the 99%. — Roland Sheppard, Editorial: Black Community Control of the Police

 10,000 Online Archives Confirm What Many Already Knew About Chicago Police’s History of Torturing Black Men by Jeremiah Jones

chicago Comey’s Blindside: You’re Just a Cop Every day, it seems, we talk about Prison America; the profitable high growth industry that entombs millions of our people… stealing years, often decades, of their lives while destroying families and communities along the way… as we continue to subsidize a vicious, sagging economy built upon death… not life. Though the debate centers largely on the question of why we continue to prosecute and bury mostly young people of color and poverty for drug crimes and other non-violent offenses, the equation often misses a core component of the challenge concerning how to control willful cops… those in uniform and out… who cross the line with mostly unbridled power to dictate who goes to prison and who does not, whose reputation remains solid and whose becomes soiled, and then set about to do whatever it takes to see their view of justice be had. by Stanley L. Cohencomeys Labor:

Economy:Canada and EU Sign ‘Thoroughly Undemocratic’ CETA Trade Deal Opposition groups note that the deal could still fail legal scrutiny and ratification in Europe by Nadia PrupiscanadaeuShadow Government Statistics for the Third Quartershadow shadow1 shadow2World:

Romania: Anti-austerity strike wave culminates in huge public sector strike The severe austerity implemented in Romania in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, carried out on the backs of working people, has spurred a period of accelerated economic growth and rising profits but it has been at the expense of the hard strapped workers of Romania. In this context the pent up anger and frustration has led to the calling of indefinite strikes in the public sector, starting today. By Alex Moldovanromaina Health, Science, Education, and Welfare: