Editorial: Capitalism is Taking Humanity on the Road to Ecocide! Scientists have told us that we are in a Climate State of Emergency! From 𝗟et the Earth Breath!: 

“We are currently heading directly towards civilizational collapse. We need to switch into climate emergency mode as a society.”-Dr. Peter Kalmus  ((FYI: Dr. Peter Kalmu is a  Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.. I use satellite data and models to study the rapidly changing Earth, focusing on biodiversity forecasting, clouds, and severe weather. I have a PhD in physics from Columbia University and a BA in physics from Harvard.     Because burning fossil fuel is what’s causing global warming, the central focus of my response is to avoid burning it! Today I emit under 2 tonnes of CO2 per year, one tenth of the U.S. average. In reducing my footprint, I have discovered this to be surprisingly satisfying and empowering. I also work within my community to help neighbors, cities, schools, and churches use less fossil fuel. Meditating and growing food helps me stay centered and happy even in the face of dire climate projections. My award-winning book, BEING THE CHANGE: LIVE WELL AND SPARK A CLIMATE REVOLUTION GIVES REAL LIFE SOLUTIONS TO MOVE AWAY FROM A CONSUMERIST LIFESTYLE THAT ISN’T EVEN MAKING US HAPPY.)

The Capitalist System of Production and International Competition has led to Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (Pax Americana)— A Perpetual War for Oil and Market Share! I was built based on the slave market and the burning of fossil fuels. 

After the  9-11 World Trade Center implosion, the United States Government unanimously, implemented the war powers act, to implement Pax Americana under the guise of the war on terrorism!

Pax America Under the current

emergency, what is need, is a governmental declaration of a climate emergency to declare  a war on global warming.

The latest ‘supreme’ decision, makes it clear that that is no going to happen! What is need is full economic knowledge of the problem, that one solution isfor industry and nations, to cooperate to stop burning fossil fuel and and remove all the causes of global warming! Humanity needs, in the words of Jeremy Corbin a Green Industrial Revolution! We need to socialize all industry to win this war.The latest Supreme Court decision means that this is not remotely possible. 

This is only possible under a green socialist industrial revolution! If humanity is to have a future its either ecosocialism or ecocide. Capirtalismhas chosen the future!

Which side are you on?!