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Another Example Capitalism as a Failed System: World Capilalism Was Aware of the Danger of Cornovavirus Threat Over 4 Years Ago and Did Nothing!:  Under Capitalism — Human Lives Don’t Matter  Capitalism Does Not, and Never Has, Worked for the Masses! In Its Death Agony, Capitalism Is Traveling About The World Like The Four Horsemen of the The Apocalypse, Spreading  Racism,  War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. The future of Humanity Is Now At stake!Since World War I, ‘the war to end all wars’, there have been perpetual wars for perpetual peace, this Laura Gray’s cartoon from the front page of The Militant August 18, 1945, Under the Banner Headline: “There Is No Peace”During This Economic Crisis, Capitalism’s Three-Point Political Program: 1.Austerity,2. Scapegoat Blacks, Minorities, and ‘Illegal’ Immigrants for Unemployment, and 3.  The Iron Heel!    For Decades, Blacks Have Been Subjected to The Iron Heel!   Currently, the US Capitalist Class is Divided Over When — Not If, to Apply It to Everyone!

Due to Years of Austerity, Cuts to Public Health Care, And An Anti-Science and Profiteering President, The United States Now Leads the World In  Coronavirus Cases and Deaths in the World!

Always Remember:  That President Obama, With a Majority Democrat Legislature Supported the Wall Street Bailout and Remember, That he Established, in writing,  the United States Capitalist Austerity Program. —  The Race to the Bottom/Pauperization of the 99%!

Democracy?: As the Capitalist Robber Barons Steal from the 99%,  Only the 1% Voted For Austerity!   The 99% Should Decide On Austerity — Not Just The 1% Who, Profit From Austerity!!  Under Austerity, All of the World Will Eventually Be Pauperized, Humbled, and Desecrated Like Greece and Puerto Rico.!   Socialism Means True Democracy, that the 99% Will Rule, Not the Few!

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Systemic Racism: Capitalism Arose From Plunder of the Colonized World.  Ideologically it Justified By Racism — ‘The White Mans Burden’!  In “Capital”, Volume One, Part VIII, Chapter 31, (the) Genesis of the Industrial Capitalist Karl Marx wrote: “The discovery of gold and silver in America, the extirpation, enslavement, and entombment in mines of the aboriginal population, the beginning of the conquest and looting of the East Indies, the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black-skins, signalized the rosy dawn of the era of capitalist production.  … If money … comes into the world with a congenital blood-stain on one cheek, capital comes dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt.”  Racism has been an integral part of Capitalism since it came into existence — its systemic!

None of them are adopting the capitalistic system because they realize they can’t. You can’t operate a capitalistic system unless you are vulturistic; you have to have someone else’s blood to suck to be a capitalist. You show me a capitalist, I’ll show you a bloodsucker. He cannot be anything but a bloodsucker if he’s going to be a capitalist. He’s got to get it from somewhere other than himself, and that’s where he gets it–from somewhere or someone other than himself. So, when we look at the African continent, when we look at the trouble that’s going on between East and West, we find that the nations in Africa are developing socialistic systems to solve their problems. — Malcolx X

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Israel’s Vaccine Apartheid Is Killing Palestinians

United States:

The United States is not a Democracy (A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly)! Only the 1%, through their ownership of the Reublicrats and who profit from war and the war budget, vote for War and the war budget — A policy, which Gore Vidal called a  Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. — The 99% Should Decide On War — Not Just The 1% Who Profit From War!  Under a Democracy, The 99% would have the right to vote on the policy of Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace! The United States takes from the poor and gives to the Rich. Rax the Rich!  — They Can Afford To Pay

“While the wealthy have thrived, most Americans have lost ground, both economically and medically,” said Steffie Woolhandler, who co-chairs The Lancet’s commission and lectures at Hunter College and Harvard. “The Biden administration must reboot democracy and implement the progressive social and health policies needed to put the country on the road to better health.” — New Lancet Report: 40 Percent of US COVID Deaths Could Have Been Avoided

Taxes on the Rich: One-Sixth of What They Used to Be A new IPS briefing paper highlights the unique role of tax policy in wealth concentration. By Chuck Collins

Roland Sheppard for San Franciso Mayor 1975  My 25 word voter handbook statement:The Biden Administration’s Continued Push for Julian Assange’s Extradition Is Bad News for Journalism A successful prosecution of the WikiLeaks founder could empower the government to go after journalists for publishing classified information. By James RisenWe Must Fight the System, Not Each Other Once I saw the connection between domestic and international injustices of our societies and capitalism, I found myself awoken after years of sleeping in the belly of the beast. Once a year on our immigration anniversary, my mother and I reflect on our journey from Iran to the United States. In the past, we would celebrate the freedoms we were given in America, embrace the struggles we endured as immigrants to settle in a new home, and learn not only a new language, but also a new way of living, a new culture, a new dream. But if you ask me to celebrate this immigration today, I would tell you how bittersweet it is to be an American, how disappointing it feels, and how my heart aches with disappointment and rage. Sometime in late 2019, I began learning about the destructiveness of capitalism: its ravaging of our planet earth, imperialism—its disastrous twin—fighting to keep it from collapsing. Once I saw the connection between domestic and international injustices of our societies and capitalism, I found myself awoken after years of sleeping in the belly of the beast. By Elaheh FarmandThe Impeachment Fiasco/ ‘Cave’ Is  the Result of Systemic Racism! The Democrats Disagreed With the Timing — Not the The Iron Heel Coup Attempt!

Democrats’ Shameful Cave Trials without witnesses are not genuine trials. Democrats’ Shameful Cave Trials without witnesses are not genuine trials. Donald J. Trump has once again circumvented justice, but not because of a want of facts or law. His life preserver was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to refrain from calling critical witnesses possessing “smoking gun” incriminating evidence at Mr. Trump’s second impeachment trial. Her plan to abandon an Ace of Spades for a Two of Clubs to prove Mr. Trump’s guilt was upset by Republican freshman Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wash.) who gave the Democrats an opportunity to subpoenas witnesses to testify under oath to fortify the video evidence introduced during the House Managers’ case in chief. By Ralph Nader

Vaccine Apartheid/Genocide/Plunder: An Outrage’: AstraZeneca Told to Justify Unequal Vaccine Pricing Amid Soaring Profits “Why is the global south paying more than rich countries for your #Covid19 vaccine?” Global Justice Now asks the pharmaceutical giant, which has pledged not to profit from the vaccine during the pandemic. By Jessica CorbettHealthcare for Scabs: In ‘Particularly Cruel’ Act, Maine Hospital Vaccinates Out-of-State Union-Busters as Vulnerable Residents Forced to Wait “It’s concerning that MaineHealth would put their own anti-union agenda, and their own bottom line, ahead of the health and well-being of Maine people.” By Kenny StancilEnvoronment:Appalachian Fracking Boom Was a Jobs Bust, Finds New Report The decade-long fracking boom in Appalachia has not led to significant job growth, and despite the region’s extraordinary levels of natural gas production, the industry’s promise of prosperity has “turned into almost nothing,” according to a new report.  The fracking boom has received broad support from politicians across the aisle in Appalachia due to dreams of enormous job creation, but a report released on February 10 from Pennsylvania-based economic and sustainability think tank, the Ohio River Valley Institute (ORVI), sheds new light on the reality of this hype. By Nick CunninghamCivil Rights/Black Liberation:

Smart surveillance is usually included in these huge packages of American money handed off to another nation that, in turn, monitors its “enemies” just as the US spends so many tax-paying dollars monitoring Black Lives activists or any Black who advocates for social justice and democratic values. Somehow, red flags are flying all over the Internet, held up by white Americans proclaiming their allegiance to “Hitler,” to Trump, to “Q,” to anything that smacks of violence, particularly violence against people of color.     The law enforcement agencies aren’t only to blame; American indifference has become the easy out for many who don’t want to acknowledge their role in the white supremacist history of this nation. Just say, “no politics,” and free oneself from responsibility.     Pretty sad state of being in the world among the living!     I can’t afford to wear blinders and talk nonsense about not wanting to talk about “politics” given that my ancestors were kidnapped, sold, and owned as property, allowable and enforced by laws legislated in the US. The violence used against those ancestors and against Blacks ever since is the result of political indifference toward Black lives.     The personal is political and the political is personal. — BlackCommentator.com Editorial Board member and Columnist, Dr. Lenore Jean Daniels, PhD

Police Deployed Potentially Lethal Chemical During Black Lives Matter Protests The hexachloroethane smoke that police used against protesters can cause vomiting, respiratory distress and even death. By Laura Jedeed

Police Terrorism Runs Rampant in ‘The Home of The Free’: Outrage and Disgust as Charges Dropped for Buffalo Police Officers Who Fractured Skull of 75-Year-Old Peaceful Protester “Despite the video evidence of the officers’ misconduct, a grand jury has dismissed the charges.” By Kenny StancilLabor:


Figures Don’t Lie—But Liars Can ‘Firgue’!Shadow Government Statistics Inflation Measurement And The Chained-Cpi (C-Cpi) Consumer Price Index Has Been Reconfigured Since Early-1980s So As to Understate Inflation versus Common Experience

  • CPI no longer measures the cost of maintaining a constant standard of living.
  • CPI no longer measures full inflation for out-of-pocket expenditures.
  • With the misused cover of academic theory, politicians forced significant underreporting of official inflation, so as to cut annual cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security, etc.
  • Politicians look to expand further the concept of artificially-suppressed cost-of-living adjustments in current budget-deficit negotiations, through the use of the Chained-CPI (see Special C-CPI Supplementat end of this document).
  • Use of the CPI to adjust retirement benefits, private income or to set investment goals impairs the ability of retirees, income earners and investors to stay ahead of inflation.
  • Understated inflation used in estimating inflation-adjusted growth has created the illusion of recovery in reported GDP


UK Suffers Biggest Drop in Economic Output in 300 Years Gloomy outlook for early 2021 after pandemic savages economy but hopes raised for spring recoveryThe UK economy recorded its worst economic performance for more than 300 years in 2020 as it reeled from the initial shock of the coronavirus crisis before staging a better than expected recovery later in the year. Education, Health, Science, and Welfare:

The government of the United States can pass laws in a few days to spend tens of trillions of dollars for war and the bailout of Wall Street and the bankers. Yet, those who pass universal healthcare for themselves, but cannot spend even one trillion dollars for universal health for those who are ‘governed’! This is what is considered, by the powers to be,  a democracy and part of the democratic way. — Roland Sheppard, Let the People  Vote on Healthcare 

Covid-19 and the Need for Health Care Reform The Covid-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for health care reforms that promote universal access to affordable care. Although all aspects of U.S. health care will face incredible challenges in the coming months, the patchwork way we govern and pay for health care is unraveling in this time of crisis, leaving millions of people vulnerable and requiring swift, coordinated political action to ensure access to affordable care.     About half of Americans receive health coverage through their employer, and with record numbers filing for unemployment insurance, millions find themselves without health insurance in the midst of the largest pandemic in a century. Even those who maintain insurance coverage may find care unaffordable. Before the pandemic, research showed that more than half of Americans with employer-sponsored health insurance had delayed or postponed recommended treatment for themselves or a family member in the previous year because of cost.1 The loss of jobs, income, and health insurance associated with the pandemic will greatly exacerbate existing health care cost challenges for all Americans. For instance, in a recent poll, 68% of adults said the out-of-pocket costs they might have to pay would be very or somewhat important to their decision to seek care if they had symptoms of Covid-19.2 Failure to receive testing and treatment because of cost harms everyone by prolonging the pandemic, increasing its morbidity and mortality, and exacerbating its economic impact. By Jaime S. King, J.D., Ph.D.