Daily News Digest June 10, 2016

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Daily News Digest June 10, 2016

Images of the Day:

Cartoon: “Just A Little Bit Rapey” From Clay Jones on his political cartoon “A Little Bit Rapey,” how Brock Turner became known as the Stanford rapist, and how the rich are above the lawImageoftheDayDo You Really Believe?ImageoftheDay2

Quotes of the Day:

The revolts by Trump’s white nationalists in the Republican Party and Bernie Sanders’ leftish, ‘social democratic’ legions among the Democrats, are rebellions against the corporate consensus. — Glen Ford, Sanders’ Moment of Truth

We’ll be kicking off the campaign to educate more of Georgia about how and why parents should exercise their right to refuse the destructive testing of our children. We’ll learn how and why one in five new York parents are refusing these tests, and how parents and teachers in Chicago, Seattle and other places are resisting “test-and-punish,” Common Core, and privatization. We’ll examine the bipartisan bid to turn Georgia’s public schools into New Orleans or Detroit’s — publicly funded but privately run by unaccountable cronies of both parties bent on profit and privatization instead of education. If you’re in or near Atlanta that night, do join us. — Bruce Dixon, We Won’t Be New Orleans or Detroit: Stopping the Bipartisan Drive To Privatize Education in Georgia

Videos of the Day:

Operation Northwoods — The fine print You’ve heard about it, but have you read it? — The ultimate guide to false flag terror

NATO Exercises Encircling Russia — U.S. Might be Sleepwalking into a Doomsday Scenario: As U.S. destroyers and warships enter the Black Sea for the first time since the Cold War, NATO’s ten-day military exercises encircling Russia threatens peace in Europe says Richard Sakwa, Professor of Russian and European Politics at University of Kent


Virginia student arrested, suspended after being accused of stealing milk at lunch — even though it’s free: A Graham Park Middle school student was cuffed and suspended after being accused of stealing a 65-cent carton of milk during lunch — even though Ryan Turk is on the free lunch program.  VirginiaStanford historian examines the politics of sexual violence Through a study of the changing definitions of rape, Stanford professor Estelle Freedman finds that political power and social privilege create complex perceptions of sexual violence. By Justin TackettStanfordHistorianWhy America needs a national rape monument for its countless victims: The country has been shocked by the Stanford rape case, but there is one rape every 107 seconds. All those victims and survivors need to be honored too By Rebecca SolnitRapeMonumentBreaking Out of the Duopoly: Ballot Access and Third Parties by Terry ConnollyDuopolyBritish firm aims to open immigration detention center near US-Mexico border: Billion-dollar company Serco has lobbied the US for more than a year in a push for detention contracts, sparking criticism from immigrant rights groups By Oliver Laughland and Renée FeltzDetentionCenter


Water Activists, Your White Privilege Is Showing By Abre’ ConnerWhiteActivistsSurveying Damage on World Oceans Day, Experts Say Worst is Yet to Come ‘We cannot continue to treat our seas as an out-of-sight, out-of-mind dumping ground.’ By Deirdre FultonSurveyingDamagepng False Promises, Smears And Golden Rice — Is This The Solution For Disease, Poverty And Malnutrition?: The pro-GMO lobby often relies on fraud, regulatory delinquency, opaque practices, smear campaigns, dirty tricks, slick PR and the debasement of science. While choosing to sideline the root causes of poverty, hunger, malnutrition and regional food insecurity (and effective solutions), it promotes a techno quick-fix based on profitable proprietary technology. By Colin TodhunterFalsePromisesArctic Ice Dwindles to Record Low By Tim RadfordArticIce

Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

Anti-Fracking Momentum Grows with Another People’s Victory in California Measure E passed with an overwhelming 71 percent, making Butte County the fourth in the state to ban fracking by Lauren McCauleyLauren McCauley

 Black Liberation/Civil Rights: BARSanders’ Moment of Truth: The moment of truth has come for the Sanders campaign. He must act according to the logic of the “movement” that he claims to lead, or bow to the logic of the duopoly political system. “If Sanders folds before Philadelphia — as early as this week, if the White House has its way — then history will treat him as a saboteur of the ‘movement’ that he claimed to lead.” by BAR executive editor Glen FordGlenFord

We Won’t Be New Orleans or Detroit: Stopping the Bipartisan Drive To Privatize Education in Georgia: They did it in New Orleans thanks to Katrina —  closed over a hundred public schools and fired thousands to create the nation’s first and highly profitable all-charter school district, an educational failure but a neoliberal social engineering masterpiece. They did it to Detroit without a hurricane. Is Georgia next, and your city or state after that? by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon BruceDixonFacebook Outreach Tool Ignores Black Lives Matter By Travis MannonFacebook



With a $55,000 debt, you learn to appreciate the little things: I haven’t had a vacation in years. Instead I’ve had to find happiness in a sunny afternoon on a lake, or all of us snuggling on a couch to watch a movie By Stephanie Land Debt

WallStreetOnParadeIs Frexit Next? Why Do So Many Europeans Dislike the EU? By Pam Martens and Russ Martens Martens


Communism and the Iraqi Revolution – part one: The roots of the revolutionary history of the Iraqi people which is far from the barbarism — which it is often labelled with by the bourgeois media today. by Benjamin CurryIraq

Cheers, mate: Australia to give the US Treasury billions through company tax cuts We should be considering alternative mechanisms that ensure governments get their share of corporate profits, writes economist By Dean Baker. DeanBaker Ireland Continues to Remember 1916 and Continues to Betray It (With Some Canadian Help) by Aidan O’Brien

Health, Education, and Welfare:

Why Hillary Clinton and Obamacare Will Not Solve the Health Care Crisis By Michael CorcoranHealthCare