Daily News Digest April 22, 2016

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Daily News Digest April 22, 2016

Today Is Earth Day:

Human Society Stands At The Crossroads:Either Socialism Or The Destruction of Humanity: Today a new factor has been added. Production for profit has lead to the destruction of the habitat for humanity through global warming, nuclear radiation, perpetual wars, pestilence, starvation, and thirst. By Roland Sheppard

Socialist Change Not Climate Change!RolandSheppard

Images of the Day:

‘New World Order’ Social Manipulation and ControlImageoftheDatEngles QuoteImageoftheDay2 Quotes of the Day: 

The real battle of 2016 is about the duopoly, which tells Blacks there is “no contradiction in being in the same party as the former president who put more Blacks in prison than any other,” and urges staunch unionists to support the clique that has exported their jobs. Sanders and Trump are mere players in the larger drama. — The Sandernista Journey: An Epic Confrontation with Corporate Power, or a Slow Fade

When people discuss the formation of political movements outside the Democratic party in this or any other season they like to talk about ideas and policies, but not so much about how to guarantee some semblance of small d democratic leadership of these movements, leadership responsible to members. The answer pretty much suggests itself. If your funders will inevitably choose your movement’s leadership, and you need your leadership to be responsible to your rank and file members, then you need to have dues paying members as your principal funders. Membership funding, with organization structured so that leaders are directly accountable to, selected and un-selected by members. That’s the model we should be exploring. This is the way genuine left and socialist parties and movements for the last hundred years have funded their operations all over world, a fact not much taught to so-called community organizers here. Until these old lessons about choosing internal democracy and membership funding over s big donors and self-perpetuating leaders are re-learned, it’s hard to see how a new political movement left of the Democratic party will ever take hold and grow. — Will Bernie’s Burnout Lead To A New Movement? Maybe, Maybe Not.

The “People’s Brazil Front” and the “People Without Fear Front” (that the Marxist Left is part of) has said it does not recognise any legitimacy in any government coming out of this process, and calls for mobilisation in the streets to defeat the right wing, calling for a National Workers’ Assembly on May Day. The Marxist Left will do its utmost for the victory of this National Workers’ Assembly. There a fight from below should begin against all the institutions, to defend the working class and youth and open the way to expropriate the expropriators. — Brazilian impeachment unleashes forces the ruling class will regret

Videos the Day:

Behind the curtain of the CIA: “The Watchmen: Secrets of the CIA”


The Sandernista Journey: An Epic Confrontation with Corporate Power, or a Slow Fade  by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

 Monsanto’s LawMonsanto‘Worse things in store’: Steaming hot world sets more temperature records By Peter HannamPeterHannam Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

Up to 3,500 Gallons Of Nuclear Waste Leaks At Hanford SiteHanfordEnergy News:

05:19 PM EST on April 20th, 2016 | TV: Alarm over “Catastrophic Leak” at US nuclear site — “Emergency response underway” — Surge in radioactive leakage after “essentially blowing a hole” in massive tank containing “deadliest substance on earth” — Former Worker: “I was very shocked to hear it breached that significantly” (VIDEOS)

Black Liberation/Civil Rights:


Immigrant Women Lead Efforts to Transform Conditions for Domestic Workers in Illinois By Sheila BapatDomesticWorkersEconomy:

We Can’t Save the Economy Unless We Fix Our Debt Addiction: Our economy has increasingly been financialized, and the result is a sluggish economy and stagnant wages.  by Michael HudsonMichaelHudson

WallStreetOnParadeU.S. Government Is Now a Major Counterparty to Wall Street Derivatives By Pam Martens and Russ Martens MartensWorld:

The Cuban People will Win, Asserted Fidel at 7th PCC CongressFidelBrazilian impeachment unleashes forces the ruling class will regret: The impeachment of Dilma was approved on Sunday by a united front of bourgeois parties in order to establish a government of Temer  vice-president] and Cunha [Parliamentary speaker], with support from the PSDB (Brazilian Social Democratic Party), DEM (Democrats) and other parties.  by Serge Goulart

BrazilHealth, Education and Welfare:

What Comes After Capitalism? Upcoming Teach-Ins Can Show a Way Forward By Gar Alperovitz and Ben Manski, TruthoutAfterCapitalismBig PharmaBigPharmaThe Chicago School: How Chicago elites imported charters, closed neighborhood schools, and snuffed out creativity. by Rick PerlsteinChicagoSchools



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