Another Global Warming Elephant in the Room: The Pentagon Military Industrial Complex!

Another Global Warming Elephant in the Room: The Pentagon Military Industrial Complex! By Roland Sheppard

Where in the World Is the U.S. Military?

The United States is ranked #1 in global warming emitions (Ranking Global Warming Contributions  by Country) but, actually, the United States has contributed far more global warming admission, if you consider the 800 U.S. military bases and wars, throughout the world. From The Military Pumps Out Staggering Quantities of Toxic Waste, Water and Air Pollution and Radiation  Environmentalists are ignoring the elephant in the room … the world’s largest polluter: . . . The Pentagon is also one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world … and yet has a blanket exemption from all greenhouse gas treaties.The defense department also uses open-air burn pits which send a parade of horribles into the air. Sea life is not exempt. And the military has long been  is a flagrant user of chemical weapons and depleted uranium . . .  which can trash ecosystems and human health. And Despite our unorthodox presidential election, America’s overseas military bases are largely taken for granted in today’s foreign policy debates. The U.S. maintains a veritable empire of military bases throughout the world— about 800 of them in more than 70 countries. Many view our bases as a symbol of our status as the dominant world power. But America’s forward-deployed military posture incurs substantial costs and disadvantages, exposing the U.S. to vulnerabilities and unintended consequences. (See:Why We Should Close America’s Overseas Military Bases)

From the above one would think that the U.S. military would be the environonmental groups would make the Pentagon and the U.S. military their #1 target.  And yet,  the environmental/ global warming groups do not target the U.S. military and very rarely bring point this out, for they are controlled by the 1% through their allegiance to the Democratic Party.  If the environmental/ global warming groups broke with the Democratic Party they could united with the anti-war groups throughout the world to form a powerful ant-war/environmental movement and change the world!