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During This Economic Crisis, Capitalism’s Three Point Political Program:  1. Austerity, 2. Scapegoating Blacks, Minorities, and ‘Illegal Immigrants’ for Unemployment, and 3. The Iron Heel.

Daily News Digest May 1, 2017 (May Day)

Democracy?: As the Capitalist Robber Barons Steal from the 99% — Only the 1% Voted For Austerity — The 99% Should Decide On Austerity — Not Just The 1% Who Profit From Austerity!

Why I Do Not Celebrate Labor Day! By Roland Sheppard Retired Business Agent Painters Local # 4 San Francisco

May Day/ Labor Day

I celebrate May Day, but I don’t celebrate Labor Day — I just observe it. To me, Labor Day means the codification of the labor bureaucracy’s subservience to the capitalist class. That was the original purpose for the United States capitalist class when it made labor day a holiday. It was organized as such in opposition to the Labor Day that was/is celebrated everywhere else in the world — a demonstration class solidarity, — May Day!  May Day was  celebrated, in memory of the martyrs of the Haymarket Massacre in 1886 Chicago and the unending struggle of the world working class for their “unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

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Cut [a cartoon from the Netherlands] This Is What It Will Look Like When New Orleans, New York City, and Mar-A-Lago Disappear Under Rising Seas Quotes of the Day:

Past studies cited in the report have suggested that a broad-based tax rate reduction can have “a small to modest, positive effect on economic growth” or “no effect on economic growth.” Well into the 1950s, the top marginal tax rate was above 90%.Today it’s 35%. But both real GDP and real per capita GDP were growing more than twice as fast in the 1950s as in the 2000s. At the same time, the average tax rate paid by the top tenth of a percent fell from about 50% to 25% in the last 60 years, while their share of income increased from 4.2% in 1945 to 12.3% before the recession. — Study: Tax Cuts Are Linked To Increased Income Inequality, Not Economic Growth | The Intellectualist

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The French elections: a collapse of the status quo

Trump Defunding Science a Threat to Civilization Climate Scientist, Dr. Michael E. Mann on why Scientists’ voices must be heard

Labour Party Leader Undermined by Labour Members of Parliament Thomas Barlow, the Senior Editor of Real Media, analyzes the electoral panorama for the upcoming June 8 general election in Britain


Slandering Populism: a Chilling Media Habit I imagine I’m not the only political and media observer sickened by the dominant (“mainstream”) corporate media’s habitual reference to xenophobic, right-wing, white-nationalist, and neo-fascist politicians like Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Nigel Farage, and Marine Le Pen as “populists.”  Populism properly understood is about popular and democratic opposition to the rule of the money power – to the reign of concentrated wealth. It emerged from radical farmers’ fight for social and economic justice and democracy against the plutocracy of the nation’s Robber Baron capitalists during the late 19th century.  It was a movement of the left. By Paul Street

Every ‘Tax Reform’, Since President Kennedy, has Led to Lower Taxes for the Rich and Higher Taxes for the Working and Middle Classes!: The ‘Trickle Down’ Theory Really Means ‘Trickle Up’! Study: Tax Cuts Are Linked To Increased Income Inequality, Not Economic Growth | The Intellectualist New York Magazine: Analysis of six decades of data found that top tax rates “have had little association with saving, investment, or productivity growth.” However, the study found that reductions of capital gains taxes and top marginal rate taxes have led to greater income inequality. Trump Targets Undocumented Families, Not Felons, in First 100 Days By Ryan Devereaux Black Liberation/Civil

UN Panel: United States Owes Black People Reparations For History Of Slavery (Video) A United Nations-affiliated group in Geneva said that the history of slavery in the United States justifies reparations for African Americans, according to a recent report by the group. According to the Washington Post, this conclusion was part of a study by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, a body that reports to the international organization’s High Commissioner on Human Rights. The group of experts, which includes leading human rights lawyers from around the world, presented its findings to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday, pointing to the continuing link between present injustices and the dark chapters of American history. Reparations and Capitalism By RolandSheppard Two Years After the Uprising, Black Women’s Experiences of Policing in Baltimore Still Under the Radar By Andrea J. Ritchie Environment:

WVSU sues Dow over water pollution at Institute campus By Ken Ward Jr.

1.2 million children in the US have lead poisoning. We’re only treating half of them. Several states are doing an abysmal job of testing at-risk children for lead poisoning.Mountain of Tears: the Vanishing Glaciers of the Pacific Northwest by Jeffrey St. Clair Ongoing Big Energy Crisis:

Lake Michigan pipeline has spilled twice as much as was previously thought A new study released Tuesday, using federal data, says that over its 64-year lifespan, the Enbridge Energy Line 5 pipeline has leaked over a million gallons of oil and gas liquids into Lake Michigan. According to the Chicago Sun Times this is about twice as much as was believed to be the case. Environmentalists are concerned because 4½ miles of the pipeline lies mostly exposed on the bed of the Straits of Mackinac, at the northern tip of Lake Michigan, where it joins Lake Huron. Over the years, pressure inside the pipeline, which is split into two separate pipes as it goes under the straits, has been increased so that it can move more oil. Labor:


Shadow Government Statistics Alternate Inflation Charts


Youth protests across France: “Neither the banker, nor the racist!”  Since Thursday, students and youth in Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Toulouse and other cities across France have held rallies and marched through the city streets. The protests were against the right wing nationalist Marine Le Pen and the liberal Emmanuel Macron who are facing off in the in the second round of the presidential election. By Victor Murray American Media Continues to Ignore Historic Hunger Strike Underway in Israeli Prisons The Western media should pay more attention to the Palestinian prisoner strike. By Vijay Prashad Health, Science, Education, and Welfare:

Venezuela achieves nationwide health coverage After Cuba, Venezuela is the second country in the world to provide complete health coverage for its almost 32 million inhabitants President Nicolás Maduro described this April 20 as a happy day, after announcing that the Bolivarian Republic had achieved its goal, set out 14 years ago, of providing nationwide health coverage for all its citizens through the “Barrio Adentro” (Into the Neighborhoods) Mission, a feat only previously accomplished by Cuba. By Alina Perera RobbioMarxism or anarchism? – An open letter to thinking anarchists  Today we publish the second part of Alan Woods’ series: ‘Marxism or anarchism? – An open letter to thinking anarchists’. The open letter is a response to an article by ‘Black Flag’ (an anarchist group in Brazil). Click here to jump straight to the second part By Alan Woods