2017 State of the Nation

2017 State of the Nation by Roland Sheppard

Liberalism is dead, there is no longer any material basis for New Deal Reformism. In the 1930’s, when capitalism was in crisis the working class rose up to form their unions in order to protect their class interests and standard of living. To prevent a socialist revolution, the U.S. ruling class, under FDR, were able to grant a few New Deal concessions to the working class. They were able to do this because the United States was the world’s creditor nation.

In today’s crisis, since the United States is a debtor nation, the 1% and their Capitalist System cannot afford the luxury of New Deal politics or reformism to prevent what occurred in the 30s.

Worldwide the only choice for capitalism is to apply the political program of austerity enforced by Iron Heal. The fig leaf of reformation is over.

As U.S. Applies the Iron Heel Worldwide, Trump and his Billion Dollar Cabinet Make It Clear That United States Capitalism plans to Launch a Full Frontal Austerity Assault Upon the Social Gains of the 20th Century!  The Iron Heel Has Come Home to Roost in the United States.

Trump Has Richest Cabinet In History!

The ruling class, under Trump and the banner of austerity, are prepared to attack all the social gains of the New Deal, during the labor upsurge in the 30s and forties, and all of the gains of the Civil Rights Movements in the 60s and 70s, by any means they deem necessary. All of the leaderships of these movements have been become, in their own words, in partnership with the 1% — in opposition to and a historic betrayal of the working class and the masses the masses they were/are supposed to represent.  The resistance to austerity has begun in the Black Community, in response, the use of forces, as Jack London, described in the Iron Heel were/are used by Obama’s militarized police forces. The misleaders of the traditional Black movement were not recognized by the Black Lives Matter movement, which has risen from the ashes of Ferguson and Baltimore. As Colin Kaepernick pointed out, both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, have supported and encouraged the use of the Iron Heel in the community and are/were the enemy of the Black Community.

The fight against austerity is a political fight and must be fought by the political reorganization of the working class with their natural alies, the Black working class and other oppressed minorities.

The Labor misleaders and the leaderships of the oppressed minorities, in this country, have opposed all such political formations. Thus we, in the United States, have no political organization to oppose austerity. Since the defeat of the Patco strike in 1981, the trade union bureaucracy has declared itself in partnership with the 1% against the class as a whole. This deal was brokered through the Democratic Party.

Worldwide the only political opposition to austerity, has been the newly invigorated Labor Party in England.

Alan Woods clearly stated, the political situation in his essay 2016: The Death of Liberalism:

. . .For the last hundred years, the political system in the USA was based on two parties — the Democrats and Republicans — that both stood for the maintenance of capitalism and both represented the interests of the banks and big business. This was very well expressed by Gore Vidal who wrote “our Republic has one party, the property party, with two right wings.” This was the solid foundation for the stability and longevity of what Americans regarded as “democracy”. In reality, this bourgeois democracy was merely a fig leaf to conceal the reality of the dictatorship of the bankers and capitalists. Now this convenient setup is being challenged and shaken to the core. Millions of people are waking up to the rottenness of the political establishment and the fact that they are being deceived by those who claim to represent them. This is the prior condition for a social revolution.  We see a similar situation in Britain, where for 100 years Labor and Conservatives alternated in power, providing the same kind of stability for the ruling class. The Labor Party and Conservative party were run by solid, respectable men and women who could be relied upon to run society in the interests of the bankers and capitalists of the city of London. But the election of Jeremy Corbyn has upset the apple cart. The ruling class fears that the massive influx of new members into the Labor Party may break the stranglehold of the right wing over Labor. That explains the panic of the ruling class and the vitriolic nature of the campaign against Corbyn.

During the past period, the United States has accelerated the application of the Iron Heal to the Black Community, with the silence and/or tacit of the misleadship bureaucracies. When people protested against the racism and austerity programs of the Obama administration, the government applied the Iron Heel of the Obama’s newly militarize police and police murderers provoked more demonstrations, the police responded with tear gas and tanks. When these murders were not even indicted a new movement, Black Lives Matter, arose from the wretched of the earth to defend themselves.

The Declaration of Independence declared that “All Men are created equal”, With “certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” And that “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”  And that we have a right and a duty to overthrow an unjust government!

In the coming period all of the oppressed and working masses will reject their misleaders and organize a new party to overthrow austerity and the Capitalist Class.

— January 6, 2017