Daily News Digest November 18, 2016

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As the Capitalist Robber Barons Steal from the 99%Only the 1% Voted For Austerity — The 99% Should Decide On Austerity — Not The 1% Who Profit From Austerity!

Daily News Digest November 18, 2016

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Trump Dreaming About Israel’s Apartheid WallimageofthedayQuotes of the Day:

Negro leaders suffer from this interplay of solidarity and divisiveness, being either exalted excessively or grossly abused. Some of these leaders suffer from an aloofness and absence of faith in their people. The white establishment is skilled in flattering and cultivating emerging leaders. It presses its own image on them and finally, from imitation of manners, dress and style of living, a deeper strain of corruption develops. This kind of Negro leader acquires the white man’s contempt for the ordinary Negro. He is often more at home with the middle-class white than he is among his own people. His language changes, his location changes, his income changes, and ultimately he changes from the representative of the Negro to the white man into the white man’s representative of the Negro. The tragedy is that too often he does not recognize what has happened to him. — The Black Power Defined, Martin Luther King Jr. 1967

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 Michael Hudson on the Orwellian Turn in Contemporary Economics

Presidential Polls Were Off the Mark Because of Voter Suppression

Glass-Steagall and the banking collapse

A Clinton regime “legacy”


None of Them Have Ever Been My President Tens of thousands have demonstrated against the election of Donald Trump. Some are activists, continuing the struggle. Others are Democrats that are just “mad.” “The Black movement against police terror didn’t need a Donald Trump waiting in the vestibule of the White House to get “mad.” For those who fear Trump’s “fascism,” the threat level “depends on how he uses the arsenal of repressive tools bequeathed to him by the Obama administration.” by BAR executive editor Glen Ford glenfordMissouri home contaminated by wartime radioactive waste, lawsuit says Couple warns of continuing danger from second world war-era nuclear weapons program around St Louis, where uranium was processed  By Ryan SchuesslermissouriThe NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight They called it Project X. It was an unusually audacious, highly sensitive assignment: to build a massive skyscraper, capable of withstanding an atomic blast, in the middle of New York City. . . . The building’s primary purpose would not be to protect humans from toxic radiation amid nuclear war. Rather, the fortified skyscraper would safeguard powerful computers, cables, and switchboards. It would house one of the most important telecommunications hubs in the United States — the world’s largest center for processing long-distance phone calls, operated by the New York Telephone Company, a subsidiary of AT&T. ByRyan Gallagher and Henrik Moltkespyhub Environment:

 Meet the Fossil Fuel Lobbyists and Climate Science Deniers at the Marrakech COP22 Talks By Mat Hope fossilfuellobbyistsClimate Science Deniers With Organization of Donald Trump’s EPA Pick Booted From UN Marrakech COP22 Talks. Climate science denier Marc Morano just got himself kicked out of the UN climate talks in Marrakech. Of course, that was probably his aim all along. Morano stood in a Trump hat, next to a life-size cut-out of the president-elect, waving shredded copies of the Paris Agreement. The stunt gave Canadian outlet The Rebel the footage it has been craving since it arrived, and got Morano kicked out of the talks. But there’s a number of things that are weird about the story. To start with, Morano — who is Communications Director for well known climate deniers Commitee For A Constructive Tomorrow — was actually here on a Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) badge. DeSmog understands CFACT executive director Craig Rucker was also ejected, along with one other person. All three were accredited with CEI badges. The CEI’s Director of Energy and Environment is Myron Ebell, who has been picked by Donald Trump to head the US Environmental Protection Agency’s transition team. Ebell, who was also accredited to attend the talks but has not been seen, is also a climate science denier. By Mat HopeclimatedeniersOngoing Big Energy Crisis:

 Maryland Fracking Ban Up Against Mike Miller Joan Carter Conway and the Corporate Democrats The Maryland legislature is controlled by the Democratic Party. The Maryland legislature is controlled by the Democratic Party. The Maryland Senate by 33 to 14 and the Maryland General Assembly by 91 to 50. Of course, that doesn’t mean that corporations don’t get what they want in Maryland. Let us take the case of hydraulic fracturing of natural gas — also known as fracking.marylandBlack Liberation/ Civil Rights:

Normalizing the Abnormal: NPR (National Petroleum Network) Begins Its Whitewashing of Breitbart’s Racism Trumpites all use the same technique; trot out blame the victim reverse racism. By Kali HollowaynormalizingLabor:


Shadow Government Statistics Commentary # 308 October Industrial Production, Producer Price Indexshadow World:

Egypt: AUC Students on Strike The economic crisis in Egypt is affecting all parts of society. The directors of the American University of Cairo and many other private universities have raised tuition fees to “cope” with the inflation. AUC fees have been raised by 40%. However, reflecting the general turbulence in society, the students have not accepted this. by YoussefegyptHealth, Science, Education, and Welfare:

 The Problem With Healthcare In the United StateshealthcareTime For the Real Left To Double Down on Single Payer Medicare For All  Under President Obama, Democrats threw away their mandate to fight for health care for. Instead they let insurance companies concoct Obamacare, sketchy policies, skimpy coverage, high deductibles and co-pays for half the uninsured and empty promises for the other half. A Gallup Poll confirms that 58% of Americans want to see Obamacare replaced with a single payer system to guarantee health care, not health insurance for everybody. A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by Bruce A. DixonbrucedixonFearing Trump, Calls Grow for ‘Sanctuary Campuses’ for Undocumented Students ‘We are trying to tell…students, [you] are not alone and we are going to come together to fix this problem.’ By Nadia Prupisfearingtrump