Daily News Digest October 6, 2016

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Daily News Digest October 6, 2016

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Fossil fuels must be taxed out of existence to ensure that future generations are not saddled with a world of rising seas and extreme weather—and all the costs that come with them—according to a new research paper by renowned climate scientist and Columbia University professor James Hansen. “The science has become crystal clear,” Hansen said Tuesday during a press conference to discuss the report, Young People’s Burden (pdf), co-written with 11 other top scientists and published in Earth Systems Dynamics Discussion. “We have to phase out carbon emissions over the next few decades.” — Top Climate Scientist: Tax Fossil Fuels to Save Younger Generations’ Future

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The fate of pension plans Poor management, criminal banks, near zero rates — Heading off a cliff


Barbarism in Words and Deeds. Barbarism of U.S. Imperial Wars is Unmatched “What Russia is sponsoring and doing [in Syria] is not counter-terrorism it is barbarism” Samantha Power, US Representative to the United Nations  The US representative to the United Nations, Ambassador ‘Ranting Sam’ Samantha Power, accused the Russian and Syrian governments of ‘barbarism’, claiming Moscow or Damascus had attacked an unarmed United Nations humanitarian convoy delivering aid to civilians in Aleppo.  No evidence was presented.  Rants and threats do not require facts or proof; they only require vehement emotional ejaculations and compliant mass propaganda organs. ‘Barbarians’, to be clear, evoke images of leaders and groups, which abjure all civilized norms and laws.  They only respond to armed force. In the present context Power’s charges of barbarism against Russia and Syria was used to justify the US aerial bombardment of a Syrian army outpost, which killed and maimed almost 200 government troops engaged in combating ISIS terrorists and jihadi invaders. By Prof. James Petras petrasThe New York Times Suddenly Embraces International Law To Condemn Russia As the Syrian Arab Army dug in for a fight against the self-declared Islamic State on September 17, they were struck by an air raid that killed 62 soldiers and injured 100 more. The culprit was a foreign military that has never been attacked by, and has not declared war on, Syria. Two weeks later, that same nation’s military killed 22 soldiers in a strike inside Somalia, another country which it had never been attacked by nor declared war on. The very next day the New York Times published a stinging editorial decrying flagrant violations of international law by an “outlaw nation.” The Times, of course, was not referring to the perpetrator of both attacks: the United States government. Each act was a clear violation of Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter prohibiting the use of force against another nation and demanding respect for its sovereignty. But the “supreme international crime” of aggression did not merit mention in the Times, who saw something far more sinister than carrying out illegal massacres across countries and continents in the actions of “Vladimir Putin’s Outlaw State.” by Matt Peppe

Confirmed: Russia sends S-300 advanced missile system to Syria, U.S. runs out of options As US struggles to respond to Syrian army advances, reports circulate of Russia deploying advanced S-300VM Antey-2500 anti-aircraft missiles to Syria. By Alexander Mercouris syriaescalationDid I Say That? State Department Official Admits Ties to Terrorist Groups “No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort, and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘Fuck it, who cares?’”, Unnamed Green Beret, (“US Special Forces sabotage White House policy gone disastrously wrong with covert ops in Syria”— Jack Murphy, SOFREP News by Mike Whitney


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Top Climate Scientist: Tax Fossil Fuels to Save Younger Generations’ Future “Make the price of fossil fuels honest. Stop subsidizing them. And make them pay their cost to society.” By Nadia Prupistaxpolluters barBlack Liberation/ Civil Rights: 

Freedom Rider: Ignoring Angela Davis by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley How low the icon has fallen. Angela Davis diminished herself and “denounced her own history when she endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and in 2012, claiming the corporate imperial Democrat was part of the “black radical tradition.” Davis now signals she’s in Clinton’s corner, and smears independent voters as “narcissists.” Who will “Free Angela” from her shameful servitude to the Democratic Party? by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberleybarmargaret Emails, Hugs, and the Coming Revision of the Obama Swan Song It’s not a pretty picture: Michelle Obama hugging George Bush. But her husband has been politically intimate with Republicans all along – and now we learn that he knew about Hillary Clinton’s illegal email system, too. Lesson: the Repubs and Dems “are unified in their service to the ruling class.” The duopoly system is rotting from within, providing an “opportunity to build a movement based on principles rather than corporate party affiliations.” by Danny Haiphongbardanny Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death Begins Prison Term The NYPD did not forgive Ramsey Orta for showing the world how cops choked the life out of Eric Garner. “After filming Garner’s death, he was increasingly harassed and targeted by police and was arrested at least eight times in fewer than two years.” The cops finally got their revenge, sending Orta to prison for four years on drug and weapons charges. “I’m praying that I can come right out and continue my life as an activist,” he says. by Anealla Safdarbaranealla Eighteen Examples of Racism in Criminal Legal System How may we imprison you? Let me count the ways. The U.S. criminal justice system seems designed primarily for one purpose: “to incarcerate as many black and brown people as possible.” The author lists 18 ways America makes prison a much more likely destination for Blacks and browns than for whites. by Bill Quigleybarquigley U.S. Cops Kill Unarmed African; U.S. Media Mangle His Homeland’s History Police in El Cajon, California, answered Alfred Olongo’s sister’s call for help for her disturbed, but unarmed, brother — and promptly shot him dead. Learning that Olongo was a Ugandan immigrant, U.S. media immediately spun background tales revolving around the guerilla leader, Joseph Kony. But, the Olongos hadn’t fled from Kony; his family left Uganda because President Yoweri Museveni, a U.S. ally, “threatened to kill the whole family.” by Ann Garrison barannClinton or Trump: Who is better for Africa? Clinton is part of the Establishment. “It is part of her inheritance to provoke wars and control the world in league with global corporations.” Nobody knows what lies behind Trump’s mask. Maybe he wants to “knock the shit” out of the Establishment. Maybe he is a “narcissist character” seeking reward in the short run. But no one who seriously cares about Africa’s liberation from Empire would support Clinton. by Yash Tandon baryashExamining International Sanctions: The Case of Eritrea Under U.S. pressure, the United Nations refuses to lift an embargo against the tiny nation of Eritrea, while ignoring constant aggressions by its huge neighbor, Ethiopia. The pretexts for the sanctions “are nonexistent,” yet “Eritrea is doubly punished since the sanctions effectively mean it is restricted in defending itself.” The UN has abrogated its responsibility to uphold international law – and, instead, coddles Washington’s military ally. by Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion barfikrejesus Making Violence Visible: From #BlackLivesMatter to #StoptheBleeding Africa The violence plaguing Africa remains far too invisible to most Americans and the world. Unlike the pillage of Africa in earlier periods of the slave trade and colonial rule, illicit financial transactions are most often hidden from public view. They happen through fraudulent invoicing of trade, “creative accounting” by multinational corporations, tax giveaways by African governments, and the use of shell companies based in tax havens around the world. by Emily Williams and William Minterbaremily


More Austerity Along With the  Iron Heal is the 1%’s Solution to Their Debts: IMF urges governments to tackle record global debt of $152tn The debt level is more than twice the size of the global economy and unprecedented as a proportion of GDP, the Fund says by Larry Elliottworlddebt Wells Fargo Allowed to Neither Admit Nor Deny. Why? When the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB) settled with Wells Fargo last month for $100 million, it did so without requiring that Wells Fargo admit to its wrongdoing. Or as the settlement agreement put it, the bank agreed to pay the $100 million “without admitting or denying the findings of facts and conclusions of law.” And it wasn’t just the CFPB. The Comptroller of the Currency settled with Wells Fargo for $35 million. And the Los Angeles City Attorney settled with Wells Fargo for $50 million. And all of them allowed Wells Fargo to “neither admit nor deny.” By Russell MokhiberwellsfargoWorld:

Poland abortion strike: Thousands of women in over 60 cities refuse to work in protest over restrictive laws ‘I am doing it for my daughter,’ says one woman By Harriet Agerholmpoland Health, Science, Education, and Welfare:

 The Permanent Crisis of Housing Under capitalism, housing is never secure for the working class. by David Madden & Peter Marcusehousing