Daily News Digest October 5, 2016

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Daily News Digest October 5, 2016

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‘Stoop Labor’ of the Factory Farmimageoftheday Quote of the Day:

Promoting Racism Is Part of Capitalism — Richard Pryor

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John Oliver: It’s ‘f*cking depressing’ that kids have to take classes on not getting shot by the police


Corporate Powers and the Great Sioux Nation As the eve of the 2016 US presidential election draws nearer, and the world inches ever-closer to the edge of their seats, wondering who the winner will be to lay claim to the world’s most powerful seat for committing acts of good or evil, there is yet another David & Goliath story unfolding. It’s yet one more spin on the same old story that has been told in America for eons; a story that pits ‘The People’, who seek to do good for the planet, against ‘The Powerful’ who desire to pursue the same pathways of evil that continues to destroy the people and earth alike. This time the ‘David’ in this epic clash is the Standing Rock Sioux & The Great Sioux Nation, and the ‘Goliath’ is America’s Military forces in the guise of North Dakota’s Department of Homeland Security, its National Guard troops and a host of law enforcement agencies. The other ‘Goliath’ is Energy Transfer Partners and a host of Wall Street speculators, investors and worldwide banking interests who, collectively, could be likened to General Custer and his 7th Cavalry regiment of another time and place in Sioux Territory. by Jerome Irwin

Destroying Syria: a Joint Criminal Enterprise Everyone claims to want to end the war in Syria and restore peace to the Middle East. Well, almost everyone. “This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,” said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York told the New York Times in June 2013. “Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here.” by Diana Johnstonedianajohnstone Links in the Golden Chain: Tracking the Saudi Role in 9/11 by Christopher M. DavidsonsaudiroleNone Dare Call It Justice: Eighteen Examples of Racism in biggest crime in the criminal legal system. If present trends continue, 1 of every 4 African American males born this decade can expect to go to prison in his lifetime despite the fact that the Census Bureau reports that the US is 13 percent Black, 61 percent white and 17 percent Latino.When Brown v Board of Education was decided in 1954 about 100,000 African Americans were in prison.  Now there are about 800,000 African Americans in jails and prisons: 538,000 in prisons and over 263,000 in local jails.  Black men are nearly six times as likely to be incarcerated as white men and Hispanic men are 2.3 times as likely, according to the Sentencing Project. By Bill Quigley billquigley

Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck) Joins Monsanto Try to Kill GMO Labeling in America Learn According to breaking news reports, Whole Foods Market (WFM) has gone full rogue, partnering with Monsanto to kill GMO labeling across America under the guise of a new, fraudulent “GMO labeling compromise” in the U.S. Senate that’s actually a fake labeling law requiring no clear labeling of GMOs whatsoever.wholefoodsEnvironment:

Ongoing Big Energy Crisis:

Black Liberation/ Civil Rights:

The Contradiction Between Black Agenda Report and the Green Party

To see how “A Vision for Black Lives” is also a vision for the country as a whole requires imagination. But it also requires seeing black people as fully human, as producers of wealth, sources of intellect, and as victims of crimes—whether the theft of our bodies, our labor, our children, our income, our security, or our psychological well-being. If we had the capacity to see structural racism and its consequences not as a black problem but as an American problem we have faced since colonial times, we may finally begin to hear what the Black Lives Matter movement has been saying all along: when all black lives are valued and the structures and practices that do harm to black communities are eliminated, we will change our country and possibly the world. — Robin D.G. Kelley, What Does Black Lives Matter Want?, Black Agenda Report (08/30/2016)

In August, the Movement for Black Lives, a collective of 50 racial justice groups and individuals working under the Black Lives Matter umbrella, revealed its in-depth policy platform, “A Vision for Blacks Lives.”

In August, the Movement for Black Lives, a collective of 50 racial justice groups and individuals working under the Black Lives Matter umbrella, revealed its in-depth policy platform, “A Vision for Blacks Lives.” Yet, Black Agenda Report supports the Green Party which does not Support or Stand for the Movement for Black Lives Program. Which platform does Black Agenda Report support? The Green Party or the Movement for Black Lives?visionA Vision for Black Lives

Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom & Justice


Black humanity and dignity requires black political will and power. In response to the sustained and increasingly visible violence against Black communities in the U.S. and globally, a collective of more than 50 organizations representing thousands of Black people from across the country have come together with renewed energy and purpose to articulate a common vision and agenda. We are a collective that centers and is rooted in Black communities, but we recognize we have a shared struggle with all oppressed people; collective liberation will be a product of all of our work.


  • End to the War On Black people: We demand an end to the war against Black people. Since this country’s inception there have been named and unnamed wars on our communities. We demand an end to the criminalization, incarceration, and killing of our people. This includes:

  • Reparations: We demand reparations for past and continuing harms. The government, responsible corporations and other institutions that have profited off of the harm they have inflicted on Black people — from colonialism to slavery through food and housing redlining, mass incarceration, and surveillance — must repair the harm done.

  • Invest-divest: We demand investments in the education, health and safety of Black people, instead of investments in the criminalizing, caging, and harming of Black people. We want investments in Black communities, determined by Black communities, and divestment from exploitative forces including prisons, fossil fuels, police, surveillance and exploitative corporations. This includes:

  • Economic Justice: We demand economic justice for all and a reconstruction of the economy to ensure Black communities have collective ownership, not merely access. This includes:

  • Community Control: We demand a world where those most impacted in our communities control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us – from our schools to our local budgets, economies, police departments, and our land – while recognizing that the rights and histories of our Indigenous family must also be respected. This includes:

  • Political Power: We demand independent Black political power and Black self-determination in all areas of society. We envision a remaking of the current U.S. political system in order to create a real democracy where Black people and all marginalized people can effectively exercise full political power.

The Short Hard Life of Alfred Olango: From U.S.-backed Persecution to U.S. Police ExecutionThe El Cajon Police shooting of Alfred Olango is one of the most recent police shootings of unarmed Black men to make national and international headlines and inspire Black Lives Matter protests. Olango and his family fled war and persecution by the government of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, a longstanding U.S. ally and military partner who has ruled Uganda with an iron fist since 1986. by Ann Garrison

Kaepernick’s Stand Against Police Brutality Colin Kaepernick, a second-string NFL quarterback of former Super Bowl fame, provoked an eruption of vitriol and solidarity when he refused to stand during the national anthem. His explanation reverberated around the country: “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” By Jose Manuelkapernick Feds’ Proposal on Tracking Deaths in Custody Shows Lack of Desire to Change ‘Status Quo in Policing’ DOJ proposal includes shifting reporting requirement from state to federal authorities, and rights groups say that’s a mistake by Andrea Germanosfeddproposal Labor:

Hedge Funds Have Cost Workers Billions. This is How They’re Fighting Back. By Spencer McAvoyhedgefunds

Wages Are so Stagnant Even the Federal Reserve Has Begun to Notice You are working harder while not making more. It isn’t your imagination. The latest research demonstrating this comes, interestingly, from the St. Louis branch of the United States Federal Reserve. by Pete Dolacklabor Economy:


Tens of Thousands in Streets, on Strike in Poland Over Draconian Abortion Ban Solidarity protests were also held in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, and elsewhere in Europe and the United States by Deirdre Fulton, staff writerpoland Health, Science, Education, and Welfare: