Editorial: British Elections — Corbyn Victory:

Editorial: British Elections — Corbyn Victory

As the Financial Times, gritting its teeth, commented: “Jeremy Corbyn has returned as leader of Labour, tightening the grip of the hard left over one of Britain’s oldest political parties.” The ruling class is alarmed at this advance of the left and will do whatever they can to stop it. The right wing is a Fifth Column of big business within Labour. They are careerists like their counterparts in the capitalist parties. They will jump ship when the time comes. Britain is heading into unchartered waters. The Tories, although repackaged, are heading for a bust up over the Brexit negotiations. The splits in the Tory Cabinet can already be seen. This is simply a foretaste. With a new economic crisis, the scene will be set for a general election showdown. At that point, the capitalist Establishment may call on the right wing in the Labour Party to split to prevent Corbyn coming to power. — Britain: Victory for Corbyn! The genie is now out of the bottle

Jeremy Corbyn has won the vote of the majority of the Labor Party (Labour leadership election live: Jeremy Corbyn beats Owen Smith to remain leader with 62% of vote – latest). Despite the lies, the bureaucratic denial of ballots by the Labor Party Old Guard Labor Bureaucrates — the Labor Lieutenants of capitalism who were openly supported by their Capitalist Class masters who demonstrated their class opposition to the election of Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn, with the organized support within the labour party of mass young rank and file working class lead by Momentum,  has won his second mandate in the past year to to lead the Labor Party.

As Momentum has stated “We’re building a movement that is transforming British politics and will lead Labour to victory in the next general election. Momentum, exists to build on the energy and enthusiasm from the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign to increase participatory democracy, solidarity, and grassroots power and help Labour become the transformative governing party of the 21st century.

On its web page Momentum has stated its goals.

What Does Momentum Want to Do?

  • Organise in every town, city and village to secure the election of a progressive left Labour Party at every level, and to create a mass movement for real transformative change to:

  • Redistribute wealth and power from the few to the many;

  • Put people and planet before profit and narrow corporate interests;

  • End discrimination, advantage and privilege based on class;

  • Target growth not austerity, invest to create tomorrow’s jobs and reverse privatisation of railways, the energy sector and public services.

  • Provide protection at work and strong collective bargaining to stamp out workplace injustice.Ensure decent homes for all in public and private sectors through a big housebuilding programme and rent controls.

  • Support workers and their trade unions defending the interests of their members, families and communities.

  • End discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or age.

How Will Momentum Do This?

  • Encourage those inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign to join and get involved in the Labour Party.

  • Assist members in making their voice heard in Labour Party debates.

  • Provide support, training and mentoring to help and encourage potential Labour candidates, ensuring there are more suitable candidates with a wide range of life experiences, especially working class, black, Asian, ethnic minority, LGBT, disabled and women candidates.

  • Facilitate and coordinate the building and support of organisations that can make concrete improvements to people’s lives, thereby demonstrating how collective action and Labour values can transform our society for the better.

  • Organise inclusive events, rallies, meet ups and policy consultations for political education and mass mobilisation for a more democratic, equal and decent society.

What is the Reationship Between Mommentum and the Labour Party?

Momentum is the successor of the Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader campaign but it is independent, but supportive of, the Labour Party and Labour leadership. 

The Way Forward is to transform the Labour Party from just a Parlimentary Party Mass Political Party  of day to day active party of the working class and continue, as Momenturm States by organizing inclusive events, rallies, meet ups and policy consultations for political education and mass mobilisation for a more democratic, equal and decent society.  With over ten thousand members, Momentum can continue to gorwn into a mass organzing force!

Britain: The ballot for Labour leader has ended – Now Complete the Corbyn Revolution!