Daily News Digest September 15, 2016

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Daily News Digest September 15, 2016

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Kaepernick’s Patriotism By Khalil Bendibimageoftheday Quotes of the Day: 

From Malcolm X’s Speech at the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American: . . . The community must reinforce its moral responsibility to rid itself of the effects of years of exploitation, neglect, and apathy, and wage an unrelenting struggle against police brutality.” Yes. There are some good policemen and some bad policemen. Usually we get the bad ones. With all the police in Harlem, there is too much crime, too much drug addiction, too much alcoholism, too much prostitution, too much gambling. So it makes us suspicious about the motives of Commissioner Murphy when he sends all these policemen up here. We begin to think that they are just his errand boys, whose job it is to pick up the graft and take it back downtown to Murphy. Anytime there’s a police commissioner who finds it necessary to increase the strength numerically of the policemen in Harlem and, at the same time, we don’t see any sign of a decrease in crime, why, I think we’re justified in suspecting his motives. He can’t be sending them up here to fight crime, because crime is on the increase. The more cops we have, the more crime we have. We begin to think that they bring some of the crime with them. So our purpose is to organize the community so that we ourselves since the police can’t eliminate the drug traffic, we have to eliminate it. Since the police can’t eliminate organized gambling, we have to eliminate it. Since the police can’t eliminate organized prostitution and all of these evils that are destroying the moral fiber of our community, it is up to you and me to eliminate these evils ourselves. But in many instances, when you unite in this country or in this city to fight organized crime, you’ll find yourselves fighting the police department itself because they are involved in the organized crime. Wherever you have organized crime, that type of crime cannot exist other than with the consent of the police, the knowledge of the police and the cooperation of the police . . .

Prisoners engaged in the strike that started Friday say they live in inhumane conditions, citing issues ranging from expensive medical care to a lack of air conditioning, and that their unpaid or underpaid labor is a form of modern slavery. From the demonstrations around the country, Ray said, prison labor is not an issue that can hold up under close examination. I think people are demonstrating through these work strikes that it’s no longer acceptable. — Prison Strike Organizer Melvin Ray: ‘International Human Rights Issues’ In Prisons Would Embarrass The US

While limits on striking inmates’ ability to communicate mean it may be weeks or months before the full effects of the strike are clear, Ray believes early reports suggest the action was successful and likely to spark more, ongoing protests. On Sept. 8, the Miami Herald reported a riot in Holmes Correctional Institution in Bonifay, Florida, about 100 miles east of Pensacola in the state’s panhandle. — Prison Strike Organizer Melvin Ray: ‘International Human Rights Issues’ In Prisons Would Embarrass The US

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Kwame Ture – Black Power Speech (1966)

Anderson Cooper CIA grad “From riches to riches” The Sleaze News Network unveiled


Prison Strike Organizer Melvin Ray: ‘International Human Rights Issues’ In Prisons Would Embarrass The US ‘If you’re compassionate about human rights, support what we’re doing,’ says Melvin Ray, an inmate who was placed in a solitary confinement unit in an Alabama prison for organizing with the Free Alabama prison reform movement.  By Kit O’Connell prisonstrikeExposing America’s Hidden Past as a Center for the Slave-Breeding Industry Coming to terms with the truth about our past isn’t easy. A new book, The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry, lays America’s ugly side quite bare. By Frank JoyceslavebreedingEnvironment:

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Armed Private Army Contractors in Iraq Coming Home to Roost: Security Firm Guarding Dakota Pipeline Used Psychological Warfare Tactics for BP G4S, a company hiring security staff to guard the hotly contested Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL), also works to guard oil and gas industry assets in war-torn Iraq, and has come under fire by the United Nations for human rights abuses allegedly committed while overseeing a BP pipeline in Colombia and elsewhere while on other assignments.  by Steve HornstevehornList of pipeline accidents in the United States in the 21st century

 Black Liberation/ Civil Rights:

The False Promise of School Choice: The Result Is Often More Segregated Schools Here’s a hint: not the folks who actually need the help. By Jeff Bryantschoolchoice

barFreedom Rider: Standing with Syria President Obama has gotten a pass for almost eight years from self-styled anti-war elements that back his proxy war against Syria. Phony anti-warriors blame the Syrian government for resisting jihadist head-hunters in the pay of Washington and its allies. They have become supporters of state terror, and cannot comprehend that “there would not be bombs of any kind, sieges, starving children, or refugees” if the Obama had not launched his war. by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberleybarmargaret Philippines President Has U.S. Target on His Back Americans – including, and maybe especially, Black Americans – were upset that Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte called President Obama a “son of a whore” at a summit meeting, last week. But, what would Americans call the head of a country that killed a million of their compatriots, colonized their country for half a century, dominated its affairs for another half century, and then gave lectures on human rights. Son of a what? A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen FordbarglenSouth African School Girls provide leadership for the On-Going Revolution Refusing to straighten their hair or submit to white supremacist standards of beauty and comportment, 13 year-old South African Black schoolgirls braved police dogs and arrest to join a growing youth movement. Students have also protested the imposition of college fees and rules against speaking their own languages. The Pretoria girls’ courage “should provide inspiration to Black girls colonized in the US, Europe and around the world.” by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha Adebayo and Siki DlangabarmarshaLatin America at a Cross Roads: The Right’s Resurgence President Obama would like to count the fall of left-wing governments in Brazil and Argentina, and the weakening of the socialist government in Venezuela, as part of his “legacy.” He is a master of subversion. “The resurgence of the right-wing in recent years threatens to undo the progress Latin America has made under the left’s guidance.” Across the continent, “the legacy of colonialism and neo-colonialism continues to haunt Latin America.” by Danny Haiphongbardanny Sporting News: The International Olympic Committee and FIFA as Corporate Rod and Gun Clubs The essence propaganda is not in the skill of the lies, or the slogans, but in the power to provide the context and interpretation of events, real and fictional. A guiltless president is impeached by a thoroughly corrupt legislature, while Olympic games provide the money and political cover for the crime. Corporate media provides a “context” that makes the coup look reasonable, so that the U.S. does not need to send in the fleet, as in 1964. By  Dr. T. P. Wilkinsonbart-p The African Union: The West’s Gendarme in Africa The African Union has become an appendage and agent of western powers, providing foot soldiers for the imperial occupation of Africa. It’s headquarters country, Ethiopia, is itself a colonial power, still waging war against its former colony, Eritrea, while occupying and looting Somalia. The Ethiopian regime sends “death squads open fire on Oromo and Amhara demonstrators” and commits crimes against humanity in the Ogaden region. by Thomas C. Mountainbarthomas A Future History of the United States Ned and Constance Sublette’s book indicts the ruling class of the United States for the sins of slavery, the institution that made them rich. “In so doing they recast the [Founding] fathers as, first and foremost, members of their class.” Slavery was the key to previously unimagined wealth, and “a central motive in the American colonies’ fight for independence.” A book review by Malcolm Harrisbarmalcolm The Façade of “Humanitarian Intentions” in Libya: A Review of Paolo Sensini’s Book “The US/NATO forces armed and supported all sorts of Islamist terrorists, including the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, led by a close Afghan associate of Osama bin Laden,” reports Paolo Sensini’s new book, with a forward by Cynthia McKinney. Sensini explores Washington’s motives for regime change. “Gaddafi was on the point of concluding agreements that might have contributed decisively to the economic independence of the entire continent of Africa.” A book review by Edward Curtinbaredwardcurtin Labor:


wallstreetonparadeObama’s Transparency Promise: FOIA Lawsuits Grow 42 Percent Since 2008 Last Thursday the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report showing that since President George W. Bush left office, lawsuits by persons who were unable to obtain Federal records that they believed belonged in the public domain grew dramatically. In 2008, the last year of Bush’s presidency, 321 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits were filed. By 2014, that number had spiked to 434 lawsuits and registered 456 last year, an increase of 42 percent over 2008. By Pam Martens and Russ Martensmartens


The crisis of social democracy Across the world, centre-left governments and the traditional parties of the working class are in crisis. Reformism has hit up against the rocks of reality, unable to offer anything to workers and youth in this age of austerity. Daniel Morley examines the crisis of social democracy and points the way forward for leaders, such as Corbyn, in the fight to defend the gains of the past. by Daniel Morleydanielmorley Health, Science, Education, and Welfare:

 Health, Safety, Toxicity . . . and Elections Caring for the health and safety of our children and families is common ground where Americans on the left and the right meet. Yet, during this election cycle, few candidates seem willing to talk about the health and safety risks caused by toxic industries. Instead, the false split between environment and jobs is used to divide people . . . and to allow major corporations to continue to poison our children. By Rivera Sun riverasun