Don’t Vote For Ecocide!

As the world rapitly warms capitialism has demonstrated, by it’s actions (Expanding the burning of fossil fuels, fracking, ect.), it has acted for more profits and more profits to the detriment of the environment! It has no accountability to humanity!

‘When bodies start stacking up from climate change-related disasters, will these monsters be held to account?’Sketch of a man burning the earth over fire

The Republicans and the Democrats have demonstrated their support for capitalism’s anti-environmental decisions! For the defense of all creatures, great and small, don’t vote for the 1% the captialist’s bought and paid for political  parties! Don’t vote for ecocide!

To save humanity and all life, humanity of all nations have to cooperate on all levels to take the necessary steps to stop global warming! Global cooperation, requires a coperative society, a socialist society! Under the banner of ecosocialism or ecocide we can an must build a society where we put life, liberty and pursuit of happiness! Not The Profits of the 1% — the Capitalist Class! We can and we must build a political organization to oppose the ecocidal capitalist class.

We can either have Ecosocialism or Ecocide!

To begin, we must stop supporting capitalism’s political parties  the Republicrats (Democrats/Republicans, Etc.) Life, itself, is at stake.

Don’t Vote for Ecocide! Don’t Vote for or support the !%!