Daily News Digest September 29, 2016

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Daily News Digest September 29, 2016  

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According to Garza, those who are concerned with violent protests in Charlotte should focus instead on the conditions that create them. Indeed, studies find that not only is the city of Charlotte intensely segregated by race and income but as of 2014, 70 of Charlotte’s 79 high-poverty tracts were majority non-white. In fact, the median income for white families in the city is 86 percent higher than for black and Latino ones. “How do we stop violence, looting, and riots? The way that we stop that is by making sure that people have the things that they need to thrive,” Garza says. “When people are systematically denied their right to adequate housing, adequate schools, to adequate food, to dignity — this is a response and a reaction that we should absolutely expect.” Garza also proposes an unconventional solution to brutality by law enforcement in Charlotte and around the country: “police-free communities.” Black Lives Matter Founder on Charlotte: We Need ‘Police-Free Communities’

The current bipartisan politics and economy of capitalism — its markets, its crises, its wars, and its contamination and destruction of the environment — all have a global character. Never before has this been so plain as today. World War II and its military deficit spending combined with the betrayals of the revolution and the world working class by the Communist and Social Democratic Parties and the trade union bureaucracies of the working class organizations, led to the recovery of capitalism from the last economic crisis brought about by the depression of the 1930s. Just as integration of the ‘American society’ was defined by Black Liberation activist, Dr. Julia Hare as the “The Illusion of Inclusion”. The New Deal resulted in “The Illusion of Inclusion” in the division of the wealth produced by society. In today’s world, this ‘trickle down theory’ has lost its illusion. The very ‘cure’ for the last Depression has led to the present crisis. — Roland Sheppard

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Syria, NYC and Washington DC — Coordination from the top ISIS here, ISIS there, ISIS everywhere


 Jill Stein, in her own words, is a New Deal Capitalist ‘Lessor Evil’ Candidate: Jill Stein Channels FDR In Her Plans For A Green New Deal “We call for an emergency Green New Deal, which is like the new deal that got us out of the Great Depression,” Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein told Newsy. By Eugene Daniels 

The Iron Heal: First of Its Kind Study Shows 55,400 People Hospitalized or Killed by US Cops in a Single Year If anyone needed a reminder that America has a police brutality problem, the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile provided it. Actual numbers on violent police encounters are difficult to come by, but this dearth of data is getting more attention. New research published in the British Medical Journal demonstrates the danger posed to citizens by the most routine police practice of a “legal stop.” by Counter Current News Editorial TeamironhealA Law Professor Explains Why You Should Never Talk to Police James Duane doesn’t think you should ever talk to the police. Not just, “Don’t talk to the police if you’re accused of a crime,” or, “Don’t talk to the police in an interrogation setting”—never talk to the cops, period. If you are found doing something suspicious by an officer (say, breaking into your own house because you locked yourself outside), you are legally obligated to tell the cop your name and what you’re doing at that very moment. Other than that, Duane says, you should fall back on four short words: “I want a lawyer.” By Harry CheadledonttalkpdEnvironment:

Air Pollution Skyrocketing Worldwide in ‘Public Health Emergency’: WHO Developing counties and vulnerable populations at particularly high risk for health impacts, new research finds More than 90 percent of people on the planet live in places where air pollution levels are dangerously high, and millions of people are dying as a result of the exposure, according to new research from the World Health Organization (WHO) released Tuesday. by Nadia PrupisairpollutionOngoing Big Energy Crisis:

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Black Lives Matter Founder on Charlotte: We Need ‘Police-Free Communities’ By Andrew WhiteblacklivesSerena Williams Vows To No Longer Remain Silent About Police Brutality “What about my nephews? What if I have a son and what about my daughters?” By Zeba BlayserenaWinnie Mandela Turns 80, Vows to lead Marikana Campaign Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, the indomitable heroine of the South African freedom struggle, celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by friends and enemies, including the once-revolutionary, now-capitalist Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, who was complicit in the massacre of Black miners at Marikana. She promptly demanded that he fund a campaign for the miners’ widows and orphans. “Critics underestimate Winnie Mandela at their peril.” by BAR editor and columnist Dr. Marsha AdebayobarmarshaSystem Meltdown: How US Imperialism is Whitewashing Crisis on Multiple Fronts The fantastically-timed new Census figures showing large income advances, based on recently altered measuring sticks, cannot mask the deep crisis afflicting capitalism and its political parties: the Republicans and Democrats. The decaying economic order produces gross inequalities, mass insecurity, extinction-threatening wars and climate instability, and deepening moral turpitude within the ruling circles. It’s called system meltdown. by Danny Haiphongbardanny 21st Century Detroit-style Power and Struggle: The Detroit Literacy Case The corporate project to destroy of local democracy has reached its zenith in Detroit, the nation’s Black metropolis. Neoliberal dogma holds that “Detroiters can’t do anything, don’t know anything, and our communities should be disregarded when ‘reviving,’ ‘restructuring’ and even ‘resurrecting’ Detroit.” A landmark suit challenges that dogma in the courts. The people must also challenge it in the streets. by Frank X MurphybarfrankStudents are Pulling a Kaepernick All Over America — and Being Threatened for It It’s been 70 years since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that nobody can be compelled to salute or otherwise honor the flag, but students across the country report retaliation for “pulling a Kaepernick” at school events. In parochial schools, constitutional protections carry even less weight. Camden, New Jersey’s Catholic diocese maintains that “free speech, including protests, is not a guaranteed right.” by Zaid Jilani and Naomi LaChancebarzaid The UN’s Next Genocide in Somalia The United Nations, acting as a foreign policy arm of the U.S., allowed a quarter million Somali children to starve to death in 2011. Another drought, and continued occupation and war, now endangers the lives of hundreds thousands more kids. “The UN is responsible for feeding the internally displaced persons its war against the Somali people has been creating for a decade now, and simply fails to do so.” by Thomas C. MountainbarthomasSouth Africa Study: Why Societies Must Protect Children if They Want Fewer Criminals The author studied the lives of South African men that had been jailed for violent crimes — and discovered the abused and forsaken child at the core of each of them. “Preventing and reducing stubbornly high levels of violence in South Africa can only be achieved if the country focuses on ensuring that children are not exposed to violence or toxic stress at home, and that they are warmly cared for.” by Chandre Gouldbarchandre Labor:


Deutsche Bank: A Sinking Ship? Deutsche Bank is in deep trouble. In the last few days, its share price has dropped like a stone and is now at an all-time low. In parallel, yields on its CoCo bonds – a form of debt that acts as an additional capital cushion – are spiking on worries that the bank will not be able to pay the coupons, or worse, that the bonds may be bailed in. To be sure, Deutsche Bank’s share price taking a beating is nothing new. The bank never really recovered from its losses in 2008: it remains weak, undercapitalized and potentially facing damaging regulatory fines, litigation costs and civil money penalties for a range of alleged offenses including money laundering in its Russian operation, price manipulation in foreign exchange and precious metals trading, and mis-selling of American mortgage-backed securities. The share price has been trending downwards since 2009. But this year, the sell-off has intensified. By Frances Coppola deutsche-bank World:

Saudi Arabia is showing signs of financial strain Workers in the Saudi desert are not only no longer receiving wages, supplies of food and electricity have also been cut Hundreds of foreign hospital workers in Saudi Arabia, unpaid for seven months, went on strike this week and were blocking a highway in Eastern Province in defiance of the ban on strikes and demonstrations in the Kingdom. By Patrick CockburnpatrickcockburnSouth Africa: Rising anger as mass student protests return On Tuesday, 20 September, mass student protests erupted across the country after Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande announced that universities can raise tuition fees by up to 8% next year. by Ben MorkensouthafricaHealth, Science, Education, and Welfare:

Eligible but Got Nothing: Hundreds of Thousands of People with Disabilities Blocked from College Aid When offices set up to assist people with disabilities become obstacles. By Meredith Kolodnereducation