Daily News Digest September 2, 2016

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Daily News Digest September 2, 2016

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The forces that are currently exercising power have announced the privatization of deep water oil reserves and social programs curtailments. Likewise, they are proclaiming a foreign policy focused on the relations with the big international centers of power. Quite a few among those who are impeaching the President are currently under investigation for acts of corruption.  What happened in Brazil is another expression of the offensive of imperialism and the oligarchy against the revolutionary and progressive governments of Latin America and the Caribbean which threatens peace and stability of nations and is contrary to the spirit and the letter of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, signed at the Second CELAC Summit in January, 2014, in Havana by the Heads of State and Government of the region. — Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba strongly rejects the parliamentary and judicial coup d’état perpetrated against President Dilma Rousseff.

 Videos of the Day:

 NASA Warns Of Mass Extinction If We Don’t Fix Climate Change

Protests Erupt in San Juan as Obama Forms Unelected Control Board to Run Puerto Rico


300+ UCSF Doctors, Nurses & Students Come Out in Support of Kaepernick Open letter by Rupa Marya, MD of the Do No Harm Coalition: Dear Colin Kaepernick,  I am writing to you to express deep respect, as a person born and raised in the Bay Area and a physician on faculty at UCSF who has been caring for the people of SF since 2002. I am also writing on behalf of the Do No Harm Coalition, a group of over 300 doctors, nurses, students and staff at UCSF who are organizing to address racism and police violence as the critical public health emergencies they are. . . .UCSF The Imperial Consensus, Part 1: Hillary and Trump, Republicans and the Congressional Black Caucus Agree on Israeli Apartheid Whether it’s gentrification, privatization, environmental destruction, threatening the planet with nukes or maintaining global empire, differences between the parties of the one percent are often less important than the bipartisan disasters upon which our masters agree. In the first of several installments, we look at the issues elite Republicans and Democrats agree on. This week it’s Israel, the world’s premiere apartheid state.by BAR managing editor Bruce A. DixonBruceDixonThe Great Mexican Wall Deception: Trump’s America Already Exists on the Border It has for years, and the fingerprints all over it aren’t Trump’s but the Clintons’—both Bill’s and Hillary’s. By Todd MillerMexicanWall The Dakota Access Pipeline: What Would Sitting Bull Do? It’s 2016 and the weight of American corporate interests has come to the Missouri River, the Mother River. This time, instead of the Seventh Cavalry or the Indian police dispatched to assassinate Sitting Bull, it is Enbridge and Dakota Access Pipeline. In mid-August, Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II was arrested by state police, along with 27 others, for opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. In the meantime, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple called for more police support. By Winona LaDuke DakotaPipeline Obama Appoints Social Security Critic to Fix Puerto Rico’s Budget Andrew Biggs, an American Enterprise Institute resident scholar and architect of conservative efforts to cut and privatize Social Security, has been named by President Obama to a seven-member fiscal oversight board for the debt-ridden U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. That board, which will work out restructuring for over $70 billion in debt, has widespread authority to institute additional austerity on the island’s citizens, including potential reductions in public pensions. And Biggs appears to be the only member of the board that has significant experience with social insurance. By David DayenPuertoRico Environment:

During the Drought: California and EPA Poised to Expand Pollution of Potential Drinking Water Reserves A little-known program under federal environment law is being used to permit oil and gas companies to inject waste into the state’s aquifers, even as the thirst for groundwater grows. By Abrahm LustgartenCaliforniaEPA Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters:

Pipeline Explosion Kills 10 Campers in New MexicoPipeline The Dangerous Nuclear Plant Rising on DC’s Doorstep Dominion Virginia Power, a section of the giant utility Dominion, is proceeding unlawfully with construction of its $19-billion-plus power reactor 80 miles from Washington, DC — called North Anna 3 — and must get formal approval from the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) before it can continue, according to a petition filed August 30th by the Virginia Citizens Consumer Council (VCCC; ), a nonprofit group based in Elliston, Va. by John Laforge

Black Liberation/Civil Rights:

Prison Industrial Complex Sets Prison Execution: Death Penalty Imposed Imprisoned ex-Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal denied hepatitis C treatment Lawsuit to receive life-saving anti-viral medication dismissed on technicality Judge finds Pennsylvania protocol for inmates out of line with constitution By Renée FeltzMumia Race to Nowhere For over a century, black elites have pushed improved “race relations” instead of redistribution as the solution to inequality. by Kenneth W. WarrenRactoNowhere Why Black Self-Determination Matters Malcolm X correctly anticipated that narrowly conceived “civil rights” could ultimately be curtailed. He therefore urged Black people to demand their human right to self-determination. We are now living in the age of Black rights “give-backs” – or no Black right to life, at all. The Black Is Back Coalition’s newly formulated political agenda “insists that the principle of self-determination must be central to all arenas of Black struggle.” by BAR executive editor Glen FordGlenFord




B.C. Court finds RCMP organized terrorist plot At the end of July, the Supreme Court of British Columbia found that agents of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police engaged in the planning of, preparation and funding for, and facilitation of a terrorist offence. By Matthew BehrensRCMPDeclaration of the Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba strongly rejects the parliamentary and judicial coup d’état perpetrated against President Dilma Rousseff.  CubaMexico’s Disappeared Who Won’t Disappear As in previous years, Mexicans commemorated August 30, the International Day of Victims of Forced Disappearance. Marches, protests, masses and meetings were held by relatives of the disappeared and their supporters in different regions of the country, including the states of Chihuahua, Jalisco and Guerrero, where the numbers of forcibly disappeared persons keeps climbing into the ousands. by Kent PatersonMexicanWall Israel to Color-Code ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Palestinians by Jonathan CookIsrael Health, Science, Education, and Welfare:

Debtors’ Prison for Kids: Poor Children Incarcerated When Families Can’t Pay Juvenile Court Fees First-of-its-kind report finds children are being imprisoned nationwide when families can’t pay fines levied by juvenile justice system by Nika KnightPrisonKids