Daily News Digest July 12, 2016

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Daily News Digest July 12, 2016

In their quest for a Pax Americana, the 1% have been implementing a world-wide austerity pogrom to save capitalism at the expense of the world’s peoples and their right to a habitat for humanity. To implement this policy, they have resorted to the use of violence by their armed forces, by their militarized police, and their militarize private forces to terrorize the oppressed people of this country and throughout the world. In order to defend themselves, the oppressed nationalities and nations have the unalienable right to organize against this terrorism, as Malcolm X stated: ‘by any means necessary!’

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The Iron Heel: A dystopian novel about the terrible oppressions of an American oligarchy at the beginning of the Twentieth Century, and the struggles of a socialist revolutionary movement.ImageoftheDayQuotes of the Day:

“Police are specialists in violence. They are armed, trained, and authorized to use force. With varying degrees of subtlety, this colors their every action. Like the possibility of arrest, the threat of violence is implicit in every police encounter. Violence, as well as the law, is what they represent.”—Kristian Williams, activist and author  Living in a free society means not having to look over your shoulder to see whether the government is watching or fearing that a government agent might perpetuate violence upon you. Unfortunately, as I detail in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, subjected as we are to government surveillance, body scanners, militarized police, roadside strip searches, SWAT team raids, drones, and other trappings of a police state, “we the people” do not live in a free society any longer. — Judge, Jury, and Executioner: Have the Police Become a Law Unto Themselves?

The community must reinforce its moral responsibility to rid itself of the effects of years of exploitation, neglect, and apathy, and wage an unrelenting struggle against police brutality. Yes. There are some good policemen and some bad policemen. Usually we get the bad ones. With all the police in Harlem, there is too much crime, too much drug addiction, too much alcoholism, too much prostitution, too much gambling. So it makes us suspicious about the motives of Commissioner Murphy when he sends all these policemen up here. We begin to think that they are just his errand boys, whose job it is to pick up the graft and take it back downtown to Murphy. Anytime there’s a police commissioner who finds it necessary to increase the strength numerically of the policemen in Harlem and, at the same time, we don’t see any sign of a decrease in crime, why, I think we’re justified in suspecting his motives. He can’t be sending them up here to fight crime, because crime is on the increase. The more cops we have, the more crime we have. We begin to think that they bring some of the crime with them. So our purpose is to organize the community so that we ourselves since the police can’t eliminate the drug traffic, we have to eliminate it. Since the police can’t eliminate organized gambling, we have to eliminate it. Since the police can’t eliminate organized prostitution and all of these evils that are destroying the moral fiber of our community, it is up to you and me to eliminate these evils ourselves. But in many instances, when you unite in this country or in this city to fight organized crime, you’ll find yourselves fighting the police department itself because they are involved in the organized crime. Wherever you have organized crime, that type of crime cannot exist other than with the consent of the police, the knowledge of the police and the cooperation of the police. — Malcolm X’s Speech at the Founding Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity

“Every murder that goes unpunished brings greater urgency to the demand for black community control of the police.” — Margaret Kimberly,  Freedom Rider, Black Community Control of the Police and the Politicians

Community control of police has always been understood to mean local black people’s control of police within the bounds of their communities. The necessity for black community police oversight is based on historical and current realities and modern principles of self-determination – in other words, on the proven fact that white-dominated governing structures cannot be trusted to hire, supervise and discipline the cops that patrol black communities; that blacks have the right to police themselves, and not to be subject to the coercive power of hostile forces. (These same self-determinationist principles can be applied to the totality of the criminal justice system, at all stages of the process, from neighborhood surveillance, through arrest, sentencing and incarceration.) Thus, the principles undergirding black community control of police are in stark conflict with the narrow vision of democracy upon which U.S. law is based. — Glen Ford, The Complexities of Black Community Control of Police

When a nation is occupied by and army. one should not be surprised by individual terrorism. You didn’t have suicide bombing in Iraq until the US invaded Iraq. The police terrorism of the Black Community has escalated to overturn any remains of the gains of the civil rights movement, The New Jim Crow, and to continue to impose the austerity upon the working class with the Iron Heel in U.S. society. Remember that the bells that toll from the Black Community — They Toll for Us! — Roland Sheppard

In the United States everyone feels assured of his worth as an individual. No one humbles himself before another person or class. Even the great difference in wealth, the superior power of a few, cannot undermine this healthy self-confidence and natural respect for the dignity of one’s fellow-man. There is, however, a somber point in the social outlook of Americans. Their sense of equality and human dignity is mainly limited to men of white skins. Even among these there are prejudices of which I as a Jew am clearly conscious; but they are unimportant in comparison with the attitude of the “Whites” toward their fellow-citizens of darker complexion, particularly toward Negroes. The more I feel an American, the more this situation pains me. I can escape the feeling of complicity in it only by speaking out. Many a sincere person will answer: “Our attitude towards Negroes is the result of unfavorable experiences which we have had by living side by side with Negroes in this country. They are not our equals in intelligence, sense of responsibility, reliability.” I am firmly convinced that whoever believes this suffers from a fatal misconception. Your ancestors dragged these black people from their homes by force; and in the white man’s quest for wealth and an easy life they have been ruthlessly suppressed and exploited, degraded into slavery. The modern prejudice against Negroes is the result of the desire to maintain this unworthy condition. — Albert Einstein, The Negro Question

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UK solidarity march with Black Lives Matter activists in US


Legalized Murder and the Politics of Terror: Police officers carry out random acts of legalized murder against poor people of color not because they are racist, although they may be, or even because they are rogue cops, but because impoverished urban communities have evolved into miniature police states.  By Chris HedgesChrisHedgesKilling and Our Current American Crisis: Kill one person, it’s called murder. Kill 100,000, it’s called foreign policy. by John Grant

Massacre in Dallas: America, the Ungovernable: Blowback doesn’t just happen with America’s global intervention; it happens here as well—and based on the same political-structural-ideological dynamics. by Norman Pollack

Unintended Consequences and the Warfare State by Mel Gurtov

The War On Drugs:

 Retired CIA Agent: “We run the opium trade”: A retired CIA agent recently convicted of possession of child pornography accuses the US government of trying to frame him as he is about to release a book that will “blow the lid off the CIA’s drug smuggling operations in Afghanistan” reveals the Cheyenne Herald this morning. by Jeffrey PhillipsOpiumTrade FBI Director Oversaw Drug Cartel Money Laundering Operations At HSBC Bank:  (Dave Hodges)  My best insider source states that FBI Director James Comey has absolutely no law enforcement background, and is not qualified to run the FBI. To add insult to injury, the FBI Director held an executive position at HSBC Bank, while extreme money laundering operations where being carried out by the Mexican Drug Cartel and their terrorist allies with the direct assistance of HSBC banking officials. I asked my source if Comey would have known, and he replied “he would have to have been drunk 24/7 to not know what was going on”.FBIDirector NATO Über Alles: Obama was in Warsaw, When He was Needed in Dallas by Mel GoodmanObamaNATO The United States and NATO Are Preparing for a Major War With Russia Massive military exercises and a troop buildup on NATO’s eastern flank reflect a dangerous new strategy. By Michael T. KlareTwitter USNATOWarThe Struggle of Ahmad Abuznaid: Palestinian American Social Justice Lawyer of Dream Defenders by Bill Quigley

Ahmad Abuznaid: Lawyer and Social Justice Organizer


Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters:

I Was Sick for a Year After an Oil Spill. Five Years Later, Pipeline Accidents Are Worsening By Alexis BonogofskyOilSpill Black Liberation/Civil Rights:

Cops are never sent to protect lives. Their job is to protect property and defend the status quo, hence are violent in their very nature. — Jean Paul Sarte

Under the New Jim Crow — There is No Justice for the Oppressed! I am not Surprised by the Violence in Dallas! After the rise of assassinations, by the United States’ ‘Law and Order’ militarized cops under ‘Lessor Evil’ Black President, Barak Obama. — The 2008 ‘Candidate of Hope’ is now the President of the Nightmare of Escalated Police Terrorism’ that, for example, ‘in the first 24 days of 2015, police in the US fatally shot more people than police did in England and Wales, combined, over the past 24 years’ (The Guardian: US Police Kill More in Days than Other Countries Do in Years) No matter who is in political power, the 1%’s  ‘Greater Evil” or ‘Lessor Evil’ has been carrying out this assassination pogrom. ‘Lesser Evil’ New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Cops are Allowed to Choke Eric Garner to Death in Statin Island and Jail the Whistleblower Who Filmed It. — Roland Sheppard

The man who filmed Eric Garner’s death by cop’s chokehold will spend the next 4 years in prison: Ramsey Orta, the man who captured Eric Garner’s death by chokehold on video for the world to see, will now likely spend the next four years in prison after agreeing to a plea deal in a 2014 Staten Island drug and weapons case. By DeadState StaffChokeHoldWipe the Tears With a Clenched Fist: It feels like nothing ever changes. Each damn summer. Another killing. Another dead Black man. Another police officer guilty of murder. And knowing that no charges will lead to convictions. Each damn summer? Who am I kidding. Each damn day practically. by Andrew Kahn

Native Lives Matter: Police Killing Native Americans at Astounding Rate: A recent report by the Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice reports that Native Americans are killed by police at a higher rate than any other ethnic group. By Ruth McCambridge NativeAmericansDemonstrations Against Police Violence Occupy Streets in US and UK Amid heightened tensions and fear for safety after deadly Dallas sniper ambush, Black Lives Matter protests against police violence took to the streets in major American cities and the UK by Nika Knight

Robot Cops Are Racist, Too: Over 500 people have been murdered by the police in the US so far this year. Unsurprisingly, a disproportionately large number of these victims were black men – some, like Pierre Loury, and Jose Cruz, weren’t even adults.  by Elliot Sperber




Murder and Mayhem in the UK: Re-open the investigation into the death of Dr David Christopher Kelly: We believe Dr. David Kelly died on the 17th of July 2003 in suspicious circumstances surrounding his stance on the war in Iraq that has recently been ruled “not necessary”. In other words the war was illegal, and given the recent ruling on the Iraq war the inquest should be re-opened on Dr Kelly’s death! By Rory RobinsonDr.DavidKelly

Zimbabwe: mass protests shakes the regime to its core: Over the last few days the Southern African country of Zimbabwe have experienced escalating protests which shook the Mugabe regime to its core. Sporadic protests have broken out over the last few weeks because of a severe shortage of cash. But over the last few days these protests have increased in intensity.  Dramatic scenes have played themselves out as  workers, civil servants and small traders took to the streets to protest against the latest crisis. This culminated in a national stay away on 6 July by public sector workers who have not received their wages for June. by Ben MorkenZimbabweHealth, Education, and Welfare:

Why the Opt out Movement Is Crucial for the Future of Public Education: The most powerful tool parents have to stop this madness is to refuse to allow their children to take the tests. By Diane Ravitch