Daily News Digest April 10, 2018

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Laura Gray’s cartoon from the front page of The Militant August 18, 1945, under banner headline: “There Is No Peace”During This Economic Crisis, Capitalism’s Three Point Political Program:  1. Austerity, 2. Scapegoating Blacks, Minorities, and ‘Illegal Immigrants’ for Unemployment, and 3. The Iron Heel

Democracy?: As the Capitalist Robber Barons Steal from the 99% — Only the 1% Voted For Austerity — The 99% Should Decide On Austerity — Not Just The  Who Profit From Austerity! Under Austerity, All of the World Will Eventually Be Pauperized, Humbled, and Desecrated Like Greece and Puerto Rico.

 Daily News Digest April 10, 2018

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Map of Occupation of Palestinian Lands Danziger On Facebook ScandalQuotes of the Day:

From its inception, the Zionist movement sought the “Armenianization” of the Palestinian people. Like the Native Americans, the Palestinians were regarded as “a people too many”. The logic was elimination; the record was to be one of genocide. — Ralph Schoenman,The Hidden History of Zionism

Mr. Schoenman quotes the actual words of great Zionists from the past to demonstrate that the myths which have now become popularly accepted “history” originally were only fraudulent propagandistic claims offered for public consumption. Theodor Herzl, father of political Zionism, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Zionism’s great revisionist, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the leading American Zionist in the 1930s and 1940s, always intended to take all of Palestine, and more, and get rid of its inhabitants. — Andrew I. Killgore, Book Review:The Hidden History of Zionism

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Gaza war tourism – Keren Levy: I’m a little bit fascist

Puerto Ricans and Ultrarich “Puertopians” Are Locked in a Pitched Struggle Over How to Remake the Island

Economic Update: Beyond the Political Theater  Economist Richard Wolff says all the posturing and finger-pointing–from the NRA’s anti-government fear mongering to Trump’s Chinese tariffs —are really just an effort to distract from the real issue: ‘It gets you focused on something other than the economic system that is screwing you’


Puerto Ricans and Ultrarich “Puertopians” Are Locked in a Pitched Struggle Over How to Remake the Island Text By Naomi Klein. Video By Lauren F eeneyIs It Really Fair to Call It Our ‘Justice System’?The deaths of Alton Sterling and others show that black Americans rarely get justice. On March 18, Stephon Clarkwas shot and killed by law enforcement officers in his grandparents’ backyard in Sacramento, California. Officers claimed they saw a gun in Clark’s hand. He was actually carrying a cell phone. In the heat of the moment, the police officers had the presence of mind to turn off the audio on their body cameras, but not to discern a cell phone from a gun. The officers discharged 20 bullets in Clark’s direction; he was shot eight times. By Ebony Slaughter-JohnsonEnvironment:

U.S. hit with 3 billion-dollar disasters in first 3 months of 2018Weather-wise, 2018 started out with a bang and continues to be anything but ordinary.In just the first three months of year, the U.S. experienced three weather and climate disasters with losses exceeding $1 billion each. These included a severe storm in the Southeast and two winter storms in the central and eastern U.S. that caused the deaths of at least 34 people and had significant negative economic impacts. By NOAPlastic Waste Kills Six-Ton WhaleIn the annals of human history, modern day society is already setting records never before dreamed possible, as human-trashed plastic officially kills a six-ton six-year-old sperm whale. Yes, and it only took a total of 64 pounds of plastic to do the nasty deed.by Robert Hunziker Ongoing Big Energy Crisis:

Civil Rights/ Black Liberation:

MLK Documentary: ‘When Silence Becomes Betrayal’On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr., join us for a screening of a new documentary on MLK’s opposition to the Vietnam War, based on King’s April 30th, 1967 speech.


These Americans are trapped in their jobs: they need to pay $10,000 to quitWhy would dozens of news anchors recite a Sinclair Broadcast group script? Because their contracts entrap them ozens of news anchors robotically intoned “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy,” after recitingwhat turned out to be a script by Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner and operator of 193 local TV stations. Dan Rathercalled it Orwellian, and many have asked in amazement: why would local journalists across the nationallow themselves to be used in such a demeaning way? The answer is clear to me, as a lawyer with decades handling cases involving low-wage workers: people need jobs. But the anchors may have an even more specific concern: an employment contract that doesn’t just bind but entraps them. By Terri Gerstein


Facebook Hearings Will Miss the Point, Just Like the JPMorgan Chase HearingsFacebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, will testify before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee tomorrow afternoon. He’ll head to the Hill again on Wednesday morning to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Zuckerberg’s testimony comes as a result of the stunning testimonythat Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, gave to the British Parliament on March 27 of this year on how tens of millions of Facebook users had their private information obtained without their permission by Cambridge Analytica, a company deeply involved in the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. By Pam Martens and Russ Martens


Still Smearing Jeremy Corbyn by Kenneth Surin Catalonia: who’s afraid of the CDRs?The Catalan Committees for the Defence of the Republic (CRDs) have come under a sustained campaign of criminalisation. The state prosecutor, the mass media and the political parties of the Spanish regime have all ganged up to brand them as “violent”, demanding that “action should taken” against them and threatening them with prosecution for “rebellion”. Why are they so afraid of the CDRs? By Jorge MartinIsraelis Spectators Celebrate the Genocide of Palestinians: Israelis Watch Bombs Drop on Gaza From Front-Row Seats Last Wednesday night, as he stood on a hilltop outside the Israeli town of Sderot and watched the bombardment of Gaza on the plain below, a Danish newspaper reporter snapped an iPhone photo of about a dozen locals who cheered on their military from plastic chairs while eating popcorn. Allan Sorensen, a veteran Middle East correspondent for Denmark’s Kristeligt Dagblad, then uploaded the image to Twitter with a sardonic caption that described the macabre scene as “Sderot cinema.” By  Robert Mackey Venezuela: faced with reactionary threats and concessions – build a revolutionary alternative!As the presidential elections of 20 May draw nearer, our country is entering a new, uncertain period. The deep economic depression, hyperinflation, the generalized collapse of public services, and as a consequence, the rise in the workers’ and popular struggles, frame the explosive national political context.The right is atomized, US imperialism is on the offensive, and the Bolivarian leadership is increasingly divorced from the interests of the working class and the people in general. It is necessary to analyze the movements of the contending actors, to clarify the future development of the class struggle, and establish our position on the basis of the historical interests of the working class and other oppressed layers of society. By Luís Romero

Health, Science, Education, and Welfare:

Corporal Punishment Lives On: Students Nationwide Are Being Paddled, RestrainedNineteen states explicitly allow a teacher, principal or other school staffer to penalize students with physical force. Immediately following the massive student walkout to protest gun violence on March 14, I was stunned to read an article about three students who had been paddled — literally smacked on the backside with a wooden bat — for participating in the protest. All three were enrolled in a public high school in Greenbrier, Arkansas, and according to the brief news account, they had “chosen” this punishment over in-school suspension so that they would not miss class or lose eligibility to participate in team sports. By Eleanor J. Bader

From the NFL to the World Bank, Black People are being silencedWhite-dominated institutions pay lip service to inclusion, but they don’t want to listen when we speak uncomfortable truths American football quarterback Colin Kaepernick silently protestedracial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem before NFL games. He’s since been sidelined, receiving treatment that has recently been shownto be harsher than that of other NFL players, such asJohnny Manziel, who have substance abuse issues and allegations of domestic violence. This disproportionate penalty for Kaepernick reveals how white-ledinstitutions expect black people within them to either remain silent about our struggles, or only take these struggles up on their terms. By Koketso Moeti