Daily News Digest June 29, 2016

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Daily News Digest June 29, 2016

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Thousands on Westminster Green. We, the membership, stand with JeremyImageoftheDay

Quotes of the Day:

It should be of no surprise that the parasitic bureaucratic caste (‘The Old Guard’) of the of Britain’s Labor Party gave Corbyn a vote of no confidence. Hell, Jeremy Corbyn got elected as the leader of the Labor Party in opposition to the ‘Old Guard’. The “Old Guard’ MPs in partnership with Britain’s 1% have been in opposition before and after he got overwhelmingly elected! — Roland Sheppard, Re: Guardian Headline: Jeremy Corbyn suffers heavy loss in Labour MPs confidence vote

In the aftermath of last week’s referendum, our country faces major challenges. Risks to the economy and living standards are growing. The public is divided. The government is in disarray. Ministers have made it clear they have no exit plan, but are determined to make working people pay with a new round of cuts and tax rises. Labour has the responsibility to give a lead where the government will not. We need to bring people together, hold the government to account, oppose austerity and set out a path to exit that will protect jobs and incomes. To do that we need to stand together. Since I was elected leader of our party nine months ago, we have repeatedly defeated the government over its attacks on living standards. Last month, Labour become the largest party in the local elections. In Thursday’s referendum, a narrow majority voted to leave, but two thirds of Labour supporters backed our call for a remain vote. I was democratically elected leader of our party for a new kind of politics by 60% of Labour members and supporters, and I will not betray them by resigning. Today’s vote by MPs has no constitutional legitimacy. We are a democratic party, with a clear constitution. Our people need Labour party members, trade unionists and MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our country. — Jeremy Corbyn

Videos of the Day:

Thousands of Jeremy Corbyn supporters march on Parliament against Labour Party leadership challenge The Labour leader called on people to unite together to oppose racism

Black Agenda Radio Week of June 27, 2016 (Audio)

Billionaire Gets 4 Months in Jail for Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old — David Pakman Show


Orlando Smoking Gun: Nobody Died Until The SWAT Team Entered Judge Andrew Napolitano has appeared on national TV and said that the official FBI transcript summary of the Orlando shooting shows that nobody in the Pulse nightclub died until 5:13am, throwing the official narrative peddled by the mainstream media into disarray. by Baxter Dmitry Orlando 7 Out of 10 Americans Agree That Economy is Rigged Against Them Recent poll finds 71 percent of Americans believe U.S. economy is rigged by Nika Knight Rigged My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard By Shane BauerPrisonGuardWe bomb, we murder, we terrorize: The U.S. Air Force produces only human suffering America’s superior air power has delivered not victory but carnage, rubble and resistance. Where does it end? By William J. AstoreWeBombMurder Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The Target U.S. drone strikes have killed scores of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. By Marina Fang  90%Environment:

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure: What’s in Your Water? Flint and Beyond Analysis of EPA Data Reveals Widespread Lead Crisis Potentially Affecting Millions of Americans What'sInYour Water

Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

4 States Struggling to Manage Radioactive Fracking WasteThe Marcellus Shale has transformed the Appalachian Basin into an energy juggernaut. Even amid a recent drilling slowdown, regional daily production averages enough natural gas to power more than 200,000 U.S. homes for a year. By Jie Jenny Zou RadioactiveWasteBlack Liberation/Civil Rights: BARBlack Agenda Radio Week of June 27, 2016 BarRadioBREXIT Panics Ruling Classes

“This cannot be a happy time for those people who run stock markets, big banks, hedge funds and the political system” in the global capitalist economy, said Dr. Anthony Monteiro, the noted Duboisian scholar and member of the Black Radical Organizing Committee (BROC). The rulers are “panicked” because Britain’s vote to exit the European Union marks “a rebellion among the British working classes against the ruling elite and against the austerity and globalization” that pits native born workers against immigrant workers.

U.S. Jets Defend al Qaida Jihadists in Syria

The U.S. scrambled  F-18 fighters to confront Russian war planes that were bombing al Nusra, the al Qaida affiliate in Syria, earlier this month. The Americans “want to protect these forces that they have armed and trained,” the same forces that are “recognized as terrorists trying to destroy Syria,” said Sara Flounders, of UNAC, the United Anti-War Coalition. “There are now 13 countries involved in bombing Syria that have not been invited in by Syria” – all allies of the U.S. “It’s a completely aggressive action, and they’re using it to destroy the infrastructure of Syria,” said Flounders.

Dred Scott and Freddie Gray

“What the system is telling us is that Black people have no rights that their police are bound to respect,” said Carl Dix, co-founder of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, speaking outside the Baltimore courthouse where a judge acquitted a cop charged with the “depraved heart” murder of Freddie Gray. “This was a modern day lynching, and they just gave us a modern day Dred Scott Decision.” The prosecution has so far failed to win convictions against any of the police officers involved. “These prosecutors must be very good at putting Black people in prison,” said Dix, since 72 percent of Maryland prison inmates are Black. “But, when a cop murders a Black man, all of a sudden they forget how to prosecute.”

Mumia: Look “Beyond Bernie”

The nation’s best known political prisoner said Democrats opposed to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid should “look beyond Bernie” Sanders for inspiration. “For millions of people, the Bernie Sanders campaign has led to a political depression” because the two major parties are led by “the least popular candidates in memory,” said Mumia Abu Jamal, serving a life term in a Pennsylvania prison. However, youthful idealism doesn’t have to die. “Why not form a new political party, a new political movement,” Mumia asked? “Don’t mourn Bernie’s failure to win. Organize!”

Temporary Work Agencies Do Employers’ Racist Bidding

Chicago’s Workers Law Office has sued six temporary employment agencies and their clients for favoring Latino workers over Blacks. “There’s a financial benefit from having a population that does not know as much about their rights in the workplace and is not as willing to fight to enforce those rights,” said Atty. Alva Ayala. One agency provided 5,000 workers to a baking company, 98 percent of whom had Latino surnames. Read more



WallStreetOnParade As Big Banks Hemorrhage Capital, Glass-Steagall Is Quietly Added to Democratic Platform By Pam Martens and Russ MartensMartensWorld:

Large ‘Keep Corbyn’ Rally In London, UK: 10,000 people mobilised within 24hrs to support Jeremy Corbyn in remaining leader of the Labour Party.CorbynRally Thousands demonstrate to support Corbyn Several thousand people rallied outside parliament this evening, Monday, in defence of left wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Hundreds more joined similar rallies in Newcastle and Manchester to defend Corbyn against moves by Labour MPs to get rid of him. by Nick Clark CorbynRally2#KeepCorbyn: Labour civil war reaches fever pitch : The Rubicon has been crossed. The die is cast. With their vote of no confidence against Jeremy Corbyn (by 172 votes to 40), the den of thieves that is the Parliamentary Labour Party have declared all-out war against the democratically elected leader and the vast majority of grassroots members. Tensions have reached breaking point. As the Financial Times, the reliable mouthpiece of the ruling class, correctly asserts, “having unsheathed the dagger, Labour MPs cannot now draw back.” by Socialist AppealHandsOffHealth, Education, and Welfare:

 Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head Physicians have been mystified by chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition where normal exertion leads to debilitating fatigue that isn’t alleviated by rest. There are no known triggers, and diagnosis requires lengthy tests administered by an expert. Now, for the first time, researchers report they have identified biological markers of the disease in gut bacteria and inflammatory microbial agents in the blood.ChronicFatigueGlobal Inequality Robbing Millions of Children of ‘What It Is to be a Child’ ‘Before they draw their first breath, the life chances of poor and excluded children are often being shaped by inequities,’ says UNICEF by Deirdre FultonGlobal InequalityCapitalism is Almost the Opposite of Democracy The capitalist socio-economic order is synonymous with freedom … provided you agree that the first of the freedoms is enjoyed by capital and that money can be free to buy everything. By Manuel E. YepeCapitalism