Daily News Digest June 14, 2016

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Daily News Digest June 14, 2016

Images of the Day:

The United States has a 400 Hundred Year History of GenocideImageoftheDayThe United States Has a History of MassacresImageoftheDay2

Quotes of the Day:

Climate scientists recognize this 400 ppm mark as a symbolic milestone, illustrating the rapid increase of human-caused CO2 emissions over the past century. Numerous other climate data, gleaned from ice cores, ocean sediment, and other sources show that this is the highest CO2 concentration in the air in all of modern human history, possibly as far back as 15 million years ago.  — Carbon Dioxide Passes 400 PPM Milestone, NOAA Finds

The Alexander Hamilton Mythology:

Alexander Hamilton was a brilliant young lawyer of West Indian birth who had served as a Colonel on Washington’s staff during the revolution. From his early childhood he had manifested a mental precocity that revolved around two main axes: a splendid capacity for financial analysis and a strong belief in the rule of the rich, aristocratic and “well-born.” Entering Washington’s cabinet as the first Secretary of the Treasury, he demonstrated his abilities and developed his conceptions in the famous “Hamiltonian system” to such good effect that he was soon the idolized leader of the mercantile elements. — Harry Frankel,  How the Constitution Was Written

This is the case with Alexander Hamilton whose life has been scrubbed with a kind of historical Ajax until it sparkles. His reputation has been shored up as an abolitionist and someone who was opposed to slavery. Not true. Alexander Hamilton married into the Schuylers, a slaveholding family, and participated in the bartering of slaves. One of “Hamilton’s” actors, Renee Elise Goldsberry (“The Color Purple”), who visited the Schuyler home, said the Schuyler sisters, “were the Kardashians” of 1780 — superstars, but with dignity and grace.”[1] Maybe they were able to maintain “dignity and grace” because they had 27 slaves serve them. Black women whose labor assignments left them little time to preen. Is this actor disregarding, callously, that the sisters thrived on the labor of enslaved women? No, she probably attended the same schools that I attended. A curriculum that endowed slave traders and Indian exterminators with the status of deities. — Ishmael Reed, “Hamilton: the Musical:” Black Actors Dress Up like Slave Traders…and It’s Not Halloween

Hamilton’s position on slavery is more complex than his biographers’ suggest. Hamilton was not an advocate of slavery, but when the issue of slavery came into conflict with his personal ambitions, his belief in property rights, or his belief of what would promote America’s interests, Hamilton chose those goals over opposing slavery. In the instances where Hamilton supported granting freedom to blacks, his primary motive was based more on practical concerns rather than an ideological view of slavery as immoral. Hamilton’s decisions show that his desire for the abolition of slavery was not his priority. One of Alexander Hamilton’s main goals in life was to rise to a higher position in society. His humble birth meant that he would not only have to work hard but that he would have to befriend the right people — the wealthy and influential. During the eighteenth century, a large number of upper-class Americans held slaves. When Hamilton had to make a choice between his social ambitions and his desire to free slaves, he opted to follow his ambitions. — Somewhere in Between: Alexander Hamilton and Slavery

 Videos of the Day:

‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (Full Pisode)

The social media scams just keep coming — The latest player: Snapchat


Obama leading the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse — US Imperialism Spreading War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Copyright Steve Bell 2009/All Rights ReservedObamaHorsemenObama Signs ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Written By Monsanto-Sponsored Senator Buried 78 pages within the bill exists a provision that grossly protects biotech corporations such as the Missouri-based Monsanto Company from litigation.

Nuclear Weapons, Climate Change, and the Prospects for Survival  By Noam ChomskyNoamChomskyThe Politics of Triangulation: Surrender or Resist?: Triangulation is the two-party system’s master strategy for perpetuating its power.  Both Democrats and Republican are already minority parties. As they continue to lose popular support they confront an increasingly challenging problem:  how to win elections without representing the interests of the majority of Americans.  by Richard Moser  TrianglationBernie Sanders’ Orchestrated Demise by Jeff MacklerMackler The Revolution Betrayed: Why Sandernistas Have a Right to be Angry by Dan Arel


Carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere forecast to shatter milestone: Atmospheric concentrations of CO2 will shatter the symbolic barrier of 400 parts per million (ppm) this year and will not fall below it our in our lifetimes, according to a new Met Office study.  By Arthur NeslenCO2Level


Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

 Nuclear ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Is a Real Threat to New York, But the Feds Don’t Seem to Care An aging nuclear power plant suffers a spate of mishaps, but the NRC claims it’s all good. By Cliff WeathersNewYorkTickingBomA Derailed Oil Train Opens the Path for Living Democracy by Patrick Hiller  DerailedTrain

 Black Liberation/Civil Rights:




Germany: Thousands Surround US Air Base to Protest the Use of Drones Over 5,000 Germans formed a 5.5-mile human chain to surround the base by Common Dreams staffGermanyBritish troops enter Syria and Libya to ensure that war outlives ISIS: Ostensibly there to fight ISIS, the real goal is to prevent the Syrian and Libyan armies defeating ISIS by themselves. By Dan Glazebrook BritishTroopsThe French Stand Up: “We’ve had enough” is the phrase on everyone’s lips as – against all expectations – the wave of strikes, blockades, disruptions and mass demonstrations begun on May 17th continues to develop throughout France. ndeed, in the past couple of days, two new strategic groups of workers have joined the protest. Technicians at France’s nuclear power plants are now cutting back on production of electricity, and the railroad workers have massively joined the street protests while cutting back on trains. Meanwhile, there are long lines at the gas pumps as petroleum workers continue to blockade France’s major oil refineries. By Richard GreemanFrenchStandUp

Health, Education, and Welfare:

Air pollution linked to increased mental illness in children New research is first to establish the link and builds on other evidence that children are particularly vulnerable to even low levels of pollution By Damian CarringtonAir Pollution