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Daily News Digest May 30, 2016

As the Capitalist Robber Barons Steal from the 99% — Only the 1% Voted For Austerity — The 99% Should Decide On Austerity — Not Just The 1% Who Profit From Austerity!

Memorial Day: By Roland Sheppard

I Morn Those That Died — The 1% Sing Praises To The Spoils Of War

Every Year I Honor the Casualties Of the Wars for Profit

Not Just The Americans Who Have/Will Died, but the People World Wide Who Have/Will Die, From the Exploits of US Capitalism:

 The First Memorial Day By Brian Hicks

Charleston was in ruins.

The peninsula was nearly deserted, the fine houses empty, the streets littered with the debris of fighting and the ash of fires that had burned out weeks before. The Southern gentility was long gone, their cause lost.

In the weeks after the Civil War ended, it was, some said, “a city of the dead.”

On a Monday morning that spring, nearly 10,000 former slaves marched onto the grounds of the old Washington Race Course, where wealthy Charleston planters and socialites had gathered in old times. During the final year of the war, the track had been turned into a prison camp. Hundreds of Union soldiers died there.

For two weeks in April, former slaves had worked to bury the soldiers. Now they would give them a proper funeral.

The procession began at 9 a.m. as 2,800 black school children marched by their graves, softly singing “John Brown’s Body.”

Soon, their voices would give way to the sermons of preachers, then prayer and — later — picnics. It was May 1, 1865, but they called it Decoration Day.

On that day, former Charleston slaves started a tradition that would come to be known as Memorial Day.

This April 1865 photo shows the graves of Union soldiers who died at the Race Course prison camp in Charleston, which would later become Hampton Park. On May 1 of that year, former slaves gave the fallen a daylong funeral. The Library of Congress
An obelisk, erected by L. T. ‘Eliza’ Potter, stands in Beaufort National Cemetery. It reads, ‘Immortality Hundreds Of The Defenders of American Liberty Against The Great Rebellion.’
An obelisk, erected by L. T. ‘Eliza’ Potter, stands in Beaufort National Cemetery. It reads, ‘Immortality Hundreds Of The Defenders of American Liberty Against The Great Rebellion.’

History discovered

For years, the ceremony was largely forgotten.

It had been mentioned in some history books, including Robert Rosen’s “Confederate Charleston,” but the story gained national attention when David W. Blight, a professor of American history at Yale, took interest. He discovered a mention of the first Decoration Day in the uncataloged writings of a Union soldier at a Harvard University library.

He contacted the Avery Research Center in Charleston, which helped him find the first newspaper account of the event. An article about the “Martyrs of the Race Course” had appeared in the Charleston Daily Courier the day after the ceremony. Blight was intrigued and did more research. He published an account of the day in his book, “Race and Reunion.” Soon he gave lectures on the event around the country.

“What’s interesting to me is how the memory of this got lost,” Blight said. “It is, in effect, the first Memorial Day and it was primarily led by former slaves in Charleston.”

While talking about the Decoration Day event on National Public Radio, Blight caught the attention of Judith Hines, a member of the Charleston Horticultural Society. She was amazed to hear a story about her hometown that she did not know. Read More

Images of the Day:

The ‘Killing Fields’ of CapitalismImageoftheDatThe Hypocrisy of ChurchesImageoftheDay Quotes of the Day:

Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind.
Because your lover threw wild hands toward the sky And the affrighted steed ran on alone,

Do not weep. War is Kind
Hoarse, booming drums of the regiment,
Little souls who thirst for fight,
These men were born to drill and die.
The unexplained glory flies above them,
Great is the battle-god, great, and his kingdom         

   A field where a thousand corpses lie.
Do not weep, babe, for war is kind. . . . — War Is Kind

. . . The 2016 election campaign is remarkable not only for the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders but also for the resilience of an enduring silence about a murderous self-bestowed divinity. A third of the members of the United Nations have felt Washington’s boot, overturning governments, subverting democracy, imposing blockades and boycotts. Most of the presidents responsible have been liberal – Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, Obama. . . . — Silencing America as It Prepares for War

 Videos the Day:

Young woman from Fukushima speaks out

This is How Corrupt The Political System Is


Silencing America as It Prepares for War by John Pilger PilgerThe Native American Genocide Continues:  Congress Votes to Sell Apache Land to Foreign Corporation: Controversial congressional measure reportedly gave sacred Apache land to an environmentally harmful foreign corporation. By David MikkelsonGenocide Secret Text in Senate Bill Would Give FBI Warrantless Access to Email Records: A provision snuck into the still-secret text of the Senate’s annual intelligence authorization would give the FBI the ability to demand individuals’ email data and possibly web-surfing history from their service providers without a warrant and in complete secrecy. By Jenna McLaughlin Secret What VA Secretary McDonald just said about veteran wait times proves why his agency is beyond reform and should be abolished VAWhat on Earth is Going on at  West Lake Landfill?WestLakeWhen odors from the neighboring Bridgeton Landfill became so intense, residents began making calls. What they unearthed was shocking! They learned that the adjacent West Lake Landfill houses massive amounts of illegally dumped nuclear weapons waste from the Manhattan Project, the U.S. — the secret U.S. military program created in 1942 to develop the atomic bomb.WestLake2


Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes by Rafi Schwartz  Portland

Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

‘Frack Baby Frack’: California Back in Big Oil’s Crosshairs as Feds Quietly OK Offshore Fracking: “This move paves the way for offshore fracking permits that were previously frozen and the dumping of toxic wastewater directly into the Pacific Ocean.” By Nadia PrupisCalifornia

Black Liberation/Civil Rights:



Graph 8: “Corrected” Real GDP (1970-2016), First Revision to First-Quarter 2016 ShadowGNPShadow Government StatisticsShadowShadow2


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Health, Education, and Welfare:


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