Daily News Digest May 10, 2016

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Daily News Digest May 10, 2016

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Quotes of the Day:

“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?” ― Howard Zinn

. . . The time has come to turn up the heat on the small band of companies and people still willing to get rich off fossil fuel, even though it’s now utterly clear they’re breaking the planet. . . . — The Time Has Come to Turn Up the Heat on Those Who are Wrecking Planet Earth

Like Hurricanes Katrina (2005) and Sandy (2012) and numerous other climate-related. not-so natural disasters, the Canadian Wildfire of 2016 is yet another attempt by Mother Nature (I write on Mother’s Day) to wake humanity up to the deadly costs of the fossil fuel addiction imposed on it by — and this is something you won’t hear on CNN or for that matter from McKibben or Hansen (you can hear it from Klein) — the ruling class masters of capital [1]. We cannot depend on the carbon-caked corporate and financial powers that be or their growth- and accumulation-addicted profits system to help us avert environmental catastrophe, which is unfolding before our very eyes and not just those of “our grandchildren.” — Paul Street, Break Free or Burn in Hell: a Message From the Canada

The men of the Niagara Movement coming from the toil of the year’s hard work and pausing a moment from the earning of their daily bread turn toward the nation and again ask in the name of ten million the privilege of a hearing. In the past year the work of the Negro hater has flourished in the land. Step by step the defenders of the rights of American citizens have retreated. The work of stealing the black man’s ballot has progressed and the fifty and more representatives of stolen votes still sit in the nation’s capital. Discrimination in travel and public accommodation has so spread that some of our weaker brethren are actually afraid to thunder against color discrimination as such and are simply whispering for ordinary decencies. — W.E.B. Duboise, Niagara Movement Speech

Video the Day:

Realist 3-Mins of his Career — George Carlin


‘There’s Never Been a Drug Law That Wasn’t Tied to Race’ By Janine Jackson

Video image of the first SWAT raid–directed against the Black Panther Party (via New York Times)

Exclusive: Emails Reveal Navy’s Intent to Break Law, Threatening Endangered Wildlife By Dahr Jamail  Navy'sIntentEnvironment: 

Break Free or Burn in Hell: a Message From the Canada by Paul StreetPaulStreetTar Sands Boomtown Blaze Still ‘Burning Out of Control’: Tar Sands Boomtown Blaze Still ‘Burning Out of Control’ By Lauren McCauley TarSandsThe day climate change came to haunt tar sands country By Stuart Smith

The Time Has Come to Turn Up the Heat on Those Who are Wrecking Planet Earth: Break free and join the biggest global action against fossil fuel ompanies the world has ever seen by Bill McKibbenBillMcKibbenFrance To Ban All Pesticides Amid Worldwide Bee Death Epidemic: France have announced plans to completely ban the use of pesticides due to unusually high bee deaths worldwide, which French authorities claims pesticides are responsible for. By Sean Adl-TabatabaiFrancePesticidesGoodall Speaks Out As Revered Grizzlies Under Threat of Becoming $50 Trophy: Renowned conservationist is among 58 prominent scientists warning against Endangered Species de-listing by Lauren McCauley, staff writer GoodallOngoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

Black Liberation/Civil Rights:



Gimme Shelter (From the Tax Man): Disappearing Money and Opportunistic Candidates: . . . ‘a century and tax dodging has been woven into the fabric of the lives of the affluent and corporate worldwide in an extraordinary way’.  By Nomi Prins with Craig Wilson

WallStreetOnParadeReport: 2008 Bank Bailouts Are Still Alive By Pam Martens and Russ Martens MartensWorld:

Will Extreme Heat Trigger a Refugee Crisis?: By the end of the century, climate change could make the Middle East and North Africa uninhabitable. By Erica Tennenhouse MideastCuba Will Not Fall! by Andre Vltchek

Welcome to Guantanamo! The First Anti-Imperialist Line of Defense

London’s New Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Hailed in U.K. and Pakistan: Khan’s wide margin of victory was seen as a repudiation of the Islamophobic campaign waged by his main rival, the Conservative Party candidate Zac Goldsmith, whose own sister, Jemima, expressed regrets about it after her brother’s 14-point defeat was confirmed.  By Robert MackeyLondonMayorHealth, Education, and Welfare:

The story of Trotsky’s unfinished biography of Stalin – Help publish the first complete edition! by Rob SewellStalinWhy Ignorance is StrengthIgnoraneAmerican Academic Freedom in Jeopardy: Professor James Tracy vs. Florida Atlantic University (FAU)  AcademicFreedom

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