For Want of a Vaccine the World is Lost: Free the Vacine!

For Want of a Vaccine the Delta Variant Went Global!

When I was young I read  For Want Of A Nail, The War Was Lost by Benjamin Franklin the current global covid pandemic reminds me of that poem.

The importance of a global covid vaccine distribution has led to the Coronavirus — Delta Variant.  The delta variant was first detected in India last October and it led to a massive second wave of Covid cases in the country.  Since then, the highly infectious strain has spread globally.  Now, the delta variant has usurped the previously dominant alpha variant, first detected in the U.K. last fall, and has prompted further waves of infections in Europe and an ominous incline in cases in the U.S.

These facts prove the need for a global vaccine! —Freeing the Vaccine!

Big Pharma and the 1%’s President Biden have put the US Awarded Big Pharma’s Patent Before the Rights of Humanity to Live!

If the Vaccine is not available to all, just like the Delta variant, new varients will appear, and will eventually lead to a vaccine immune new coronavirus variant!

The Only Obstacle is Big Pharma’s Quest for Global Profits!

The Need for A Global Covid Distribution has been proven by the Delta Variant!

The Vaccine Must Be Distributed to All Humanity or All Will Eventually Be At Risk!

Free the Vaccine Now! Tomorrow Will Be  Too late For What Should Have Been Done Yesterday!

Patents are Preventing the Manufacture of Covid-19 Vaccines