Daily News Digest June 20, 2016

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Daily News Digest June 20, 2016

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Still in all, Professor Wadhams is not a pessimist. He believes geo-engineering and carbon drawdown, removing CO2 from the atmosphere, for example, are ways out of the quagmire. He calls for the equivalence of a Manhattan Project, involving scientists and nation/states in unison to combat what today is still possible to combat. Otherwise, in due course, irreversible tipping points cascade into an abyss so deep that there’s no way out. Life turns brutally ugly, vicious, and horribly messy. Wadhams’ view of the planet: “A perfect storm of bad things is going on.” — Epicenter of Obliteration – Arctic Ice

The killing of Jo Cox is a warning to the labour movement. It is also a warning to those on the Left who support the Brexit campaign in the mistaken belief that it has some kind of progressive content. No doubt this view is sincerely held. But the way to hell is paved with good intentions. Do you not see that the Brexit campaign is stirring up the most poisonous xenophobia? Can you not understand where all this is leading? And how can you advocate a campaign against racism while continuing to participate in a campaign that is actively fomenting racism? It is time to think again! The labour movement must stand up and fight back against the scourge of racism and xenophobia that has been propagated by the right wing to divide the working class and distract from the austerity and attacks being carried out against workers and youth. But it must also distance itself from the Remain campaign, which presents remaining in the EU as the better option, because somehow it “defends workers’ rights”. It is time to boldly put forward a socialist answer to the questions of housing, jobs, and public services. That means the labour movement must oppose both the capitalist EU, the EU of the bankers and monopoly capitalists, and the idea of “British sovereignty on a capitalist basis”. Only a genuine socialist internationalist position can draw out the poison of xenophobia from society’s wounds. — Britain: The murder of Jo Cox – a product of the racist right wing

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An Ice Free Arctic???… A Reality Soon? (w/ Guest: Prof. Peter Wadhams ScD)

Mark Knopfler Millionaire Blues

World’s Largest Security Firm Employed Orlando Killer


DOJ Seeks Privacy Act Exemptions for FBI’s Extensive Biometric Database: The U.S. Department of Justice has proposed a new rule that would exempt the FBI Next Generation Identification system — purportedly the world’s largest biometric database — from key provisions of the Privacy Act. The information in the database goes far beyond mugshots and fingerprints of convicted criminals. It includes facial recognition imagery, palm prints and biographical information on everyday people who have undergone routine background checks, applied for welfare benefits or registered for immigration status. Not only that — the FBI is free to share this info with state and local agencies, private contractors and even foreign governments. By Shannon Young,

Before Orlando, Omar Mateen Worked for Human Rights Abusers G4S was perpetrating violence against vulnerable people long before the anti-LGBTQ Orlando massacre. (Incidentally, G4S is the company that trained Mateen to work as an armed security guard, which licensed him to carry and use weapons. )  By Phyllis BennisBeforeOrlandoNo Lesser Evil, Not this Time by Andrew SmolskiNOLesserEvil Environmental Justice Activists Fight Plans for Federal Prison on Mountaintop-Removal Site By Candice Bernd EnvironmentalJustcie


Global Warming Threatens the Material Basis of the Global Economy By Tim RadfordTimRadford Epicenter of Obliteration – Arctic Ice by Robert Hunziker ArticIceOngoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

Stop “Massive Strip Mining” in Utah’s Public Lands: Green Groups to BLM: ‘The BLM is preparing to flip the ‘on’ switch for a massive oil shale strip mine and jump-start development of one of the world’s most polluting industries’ by Nika KnightUtah

Black Liberation/Civil Rights:



Negative Rates, Plunging Yields and a “Fix” for the Economy: On Tuesday, the 10-year German bund slipped into the bizarro-world of negative rates where lenders actually pay the government to borrow their money.by Mike WhitneyMikeWhitneyShadow Government Statistics Inflation ChartsShadowShadow1WallStreetOnParadeStock Market Rallies on Murder of Jo Cox; Wall Street Journal Defends It BY Pam Martens and Russ Martens Martens


Britain: The murder of Jo Cox – a product of the racist right wing by Alan Woods  AlanWoodsWhy Is the Killer of British MP Jo Cox Not Being Called a “Terrorist”? by Glenn GreenwaldGleGreenwaldBritish Labour MP Jo Cox was brutally murdered yesterday. Although the motive is not yet proven, there is mounting evidence that the detained suspect, 52-year-old white male Thomas Mair, was motivated by political ideology. Cox was an outspoken advocate for refugees. At least two witnesses say Mair, as he carried out the attack, yelled “Britain First,” the name of a virulently right-wing anti-immigrant party. He has years of affiliation with neo-Nazi groups: what Southern Poverty Law Center describes as “a long history with white nationalism.” The U.K. is in the midst of a bitter and virulent debate about whether to exit the EU — Cox opposed that — and much of the pro-Brexit case centers on fear-mongering over immigrants.

Health, Education, and Welfare:

Common Core Does Not Prepare Students for College, New Report Finds: A recently released report confirms what Common Core critics have suspected all along: Common Core State Standards do not adequately prepare students for college-level work.  By Mary Clare ReimCommonCore