Daily News Digest March 28, 2016

Daily News Digest March 28, 2016

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Whom Will You Choose — the Fox or the Wolf?ImageoftheDay2

I Stand With The Teachers!ImageoftheDayQuotes of the Day:

Sawant was an opening speaker at a 20,000 plus Sanders rally. While it’s great that a socialist gets to speak in front of that large a crowd, I ask — at what price? As long as working people are subordinated to the Democratic party, real social change (social revolution) won’t happen. Sawant’s group, by creating illusions in Bernie’s so-called political revolution, are acting as fleas on the capitalist sheepdog candidate. From professed revolutionaries to reformists in a matter of months. Disappointing. — John T. Kaye

. . .For all that is done and said. We know their dream; enough To know they dreamed and are dead; And what if excess of love Bewildered them till they died? I write it out in a verse — MacDonagh and MacBride And Connolly and Pearse Now and in time to be, Wherever green is worn, Are changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born.William Butler Yeats

Videos the Day:

Audio: Post Obama Struggle For Public Education Shifts To The States

The Anarchist Kid “I dislike all forms of government”


Somethings Never Change Except Now the Wars are Endless! SomethinsNeverChangeHighlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence By Glenn GreenwaldGlenGreenwaldImperial Math: Counting the Dead by Thomas S. Harrington ImperialMathBrussels Attack Looks Like Another False Flag. Here’s WhyFalseFlag Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag? By Paul Craig Roberts

Brussels: Just the Latest Failure of the ‘War on Terror’ by Paul Gottinger


How the World’s Biggest Polluters are Two Trade Deals Away from Steamrolling Climate Protections:”45 of the 50 private corporations historically responsible for the most climate-disrupting emissions” would be emboldened to challenge climate protections by Andrea Germanos NoToxicTrade

Ongoing/Big Energy Disasters!:

TEPCO says 5.3 tons of tainted water leaked at nuclear plant TEPCOWorld’s richest oil family is dumping oil because of climate By Stuart Smith StuartSmithBlack Liberation/Civil Rights:BarGood News, Bad News as Post-Obama Fight For Public Education Goes Local A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. DixonBruceDixonThe Democratic Road to Black Ruin by BAR executive editor Glen Ford GlenfordLabor:

Chicago Teachers Union Overwhelmingly Votes To Strike April 1 By Joe Ward ChicagoTeachersVote


 The Great Ponzi Scheme of the Global Economy by Michael Hudson and  Chris HedgesPonziSchemeThe Entire Economy Is a Ponzi Scheme. The Global Financial System is Insolvent


UN passes resolution to ‘blacklist’ companies linked to Israeli settlements By i24newsUNHuman Rights


Come on Down for the RisingEasterRisingEaster 1916: Who Were Connolly and Pearce? by John Wight

The War on Democracy in Latin America: Interview with John Pilger by Edu Montesanti JohnPilgerEU-Turkey refugee deal of shame by Jorge Martín Jorge MartínPakistan: Pakistan International Airlines – the struggle continues by Rob Sewell Rob Sewell

Health, Education and Welfare:

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